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Chapter 676: You Mean the World to Me (8)

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Mr. Song’s gentle smile froze on his face.

Needless to say, with his status in the business world, it had been years since anyone dared talk to him in that presumptuous way.

This An Yibei was quite a character.

His bodyguard was already moving in on them. One order from Mr. Song and he would throw An Yibei out of the room.

With everything he had gone through in the business world, Mr. Song knew that An Yibei was only giving him this attitude because he wholeheartedly wanted to protect An Xiaxia.

He only felt so fortunate that Xiaxia could have such a family member. There was no way he was going to do anything to An Yibei.

With a wave of his hand, that bodyguard backed away into his corner.

An Yibei sipped his tea calmly, as if he couldn’t care less about getting beaten up.

An Xiaxia let out a sigh of relief when Mr. Song said, “Xiaxia’s paternal grandmother, my sister, and all the female members of the Song family have a rare genetic disease. Without the proper treatment, it’ll be worse than cancer. I know you’re an affluent family yourself, but I don’t think you’ll be able to afford the tests Xiaxia will have to go through as well as her future treatment expenses. Bringing Xiaxia into the Song family is a better choice for her health.”

The looks on An Yibei and Papa An’s faces changed.

An Xiaxia snapped, “So you say! I’ve been healthy since I was little! I’m not sick!”

Mr. Song smiled. “But you were hospitalized for two months in middle school and the doctors didn’t find out what made you ill back then…”

“I was just weak…” An Xiaxia was going to say something else when Papa An stopped her. “Xiaxia, that’s enough.”

Papa An’s face was livid. As a doctor, he knew how life-threatening such hereditary diseases could be. When Xiaxia was hospitalized back then, the attending doctor who had been his good friend for years had only told Papa An that it was probably due to her poor health during her childhood, which made it easier for her to fall ill compared with other kids.

Whether Mr. Song was telling the truth or not, sending An Xiaxia back to the Song family would only benefit her healthwise.

“You can take Xiaxia back…” Papa An sounded exhausted. “Please take good care of her.”

An Xiaxia almost burst into tears. Why had this happened? Her dad had given up over a few words Mr. Song had said?

She turned to look at An Yibei, who frowned but didn’t say another word.

“Thank you for your understanding.” Mr. Song smiled like a gentleman. “Let’s eat. Xiaxia, the dishes today are all your favorite.”

An Xiaxia’s eyes were misty with tears and she began to eat out of spite.

She ate and ate. An Yibei and Papa An tried to stop her, but failed. She then began to drink and downed a few glasses in a row. An Yibei had had enough. “Stop it! You’re being a baby!”

“You told me you wouldn’t sell me…” An Xiaxia’s eyes were red. An Yibei looked away, unable to look at her.

“We’re not selling you… It’s for your own good…” An Yibei felt a lump in his throat. He had decided to move out here to keep An Xiaxia away from Mr. Song. All that effort looked like a joke now.

An Xiaxia rose to her feet, wobbling. An Yibei frowned. “What are you doing?”


She didn’t want to cry in front of Mr. Song.

After crying for a few minutes in the toilet, the alcohol went to her head, making her giddy. An Xiaxia felt her way back and pushed a door open when she thought she had reached the right room.

All was a blur and she couldn’t see anything clearly. Stumbling to a chair, she sat down and began to bang on the table. “Give me my meat!”

Everyone watched her in embarrassment, then someone suggested, “Mr. Sheng, shall I have the bodyguard throw her out?”