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Chapter 673: You Mean the World to Me (5)

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An Xiaxia could still recall the cool night wind brushing against her skin as she asked curiously, “Who are you?”

No one answered.

In the silence that followed, it was as if that person had never been there.

She remembered that cigarette smell which lingered in her nostrils. It was a pleasant and unique smell.

Then the lamps turned back on, but that person was gone.

Some time later, An Yibei received a carton of cigarettes as a gift. An Xiaxia recognized the smell when he lit one.

It was a niche brand with a verse on the package: When I first met you, I thought I saw an old friend .

Could her rescuer be an old friend of hers?

An Xiaxia soon forgot about both incidents and entered a belated rebellious phase.

Growing up, she had always been a good girl and this phase had started so late that Su Xiaomo found it unbelievable. She had taken a train all the way to Ye City to visit An Xiaxia, who had been in that ridiculous teenage-style phase. Su Xiaomo had remarked, “Xiaxia, you look so non-mainstream now!”

An Xiaxia had been poring over her books constantly at the time and was constantly depressed. Because she lived in her college dorm, her family hadn’t realized something was wrong with her.

Papa An finally saw it when he came to visit her. He then took her to a hospital.

An Xiaxia was diagnosed with clinical depression.

To make it worse, she started to think about her sad childhood, then Sheng Yize… All in all, she was overwhelmed by all the unhappy events she had gone through and lost interest in living. The next thing she knew, she was on the rooftop of the hospital…

Looking down from the twenty-story building, An Xiaxia really felt the impulse to jump.

It was a dark night and the moon was in the clouds. An Xiaxia cried for a long while, then climbed over the edge, ready to jump.

Someone yanked her back by her leg, then pulled a beanie down on her head and over her eyes.

An Xiaxia was taken by surprise. It was only until she smelled that familiar cigarette smell that she asked in confusion, “Have you come to save me?”

That person still wouldn’t say anything.

An Xiaxia said between broken sobs, “You must be my guardian angel… sob …”

She cried and cried, telling the other person about her sad past and her depressed life. The person listened in silence, then patted her on the shoulder and left.

The moon emerged from the clouds, glowing shyly like a newlywed wife.

An Yibei rushed to the rooftop, grabbed her by her arm, and ranted. “Are you nuts? Jumping off a building? Why don’t you just fly up to the moon?!”

An Yibei went on for a very long time, which was unlike his normal reticent self. After that, she remembered that An Yibei had held her in his arms and cried.

An Xiaxia stole a glance down the building and sighed inwardly. That was such a long way done. Had she really jumped, she would be pulp by now.

Ah… her legs were giving out… She was finally… scared!

Removing the beanie from her head, she saw that it was a vivid red with a pair of fluffy white woolly pom-poms on the tip.

Inside was a note, which had two words printed on it: Merry Christmas .

Hm, she had probably been saved by Santa…

To this day, An Xiaxia was still convinced that she wouldn’t be standing here if it hadn’t been for that person.

That was such a nice person, who was so gentle and kind, and wouldn’t lose their temper like Sheng Yize…

Sheng Yize was a scumbag compared with that person!

She took Sheng Yize’s hand and bit down!

The taste of blood filled her mouth and Sheng Yize sneered. “That’s right! Harder! I see you’ve forgotten why this hand is crippled!”

The old memory hit her at that moment and An Xiaxia’s face drained of all color.

That was right. Sheng Yize’s right hand had become crippled because of… her.