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Chapter 672: You Mean the World to Me (4)

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Sheng Yize sat quietly in his car while the driver attentively followed the taxi in front.

“Um… Young Master, Miss An is getting out.”

Sheng Yize looked up and saw An Xiaxia get out at an intersection. The light at the zebra crossing was green and she followed the flow of people across the road with a dull look on her face.

He raised an eyebrow and walked toward An Xiaxia.

She walked a bit too slow and the light turned red when she was two thirds across the road. A car accelerated and rushed toward her. Had it not been for Sheng Yize, who pulled her aside in time, she would have been hit!

“You idiot! What were you thinking?!” Sheng Yize ranted. An Xiaxia jolted and came back to herself.

“Sheng Yize…” She said his name with a lifeless expression. “Why are you here? Why you…”

Please leave me alone. He was driving her crazy.

However, in Sheng Yize’s ears, she was expecting someone else.

With a grim face, he dragged An Xiaxia up onto the sidewalk and scolded her. “Why, you’re disappointed that I’m not the one you’re waiting for?”

The corners of An Xiaxia’s eyes reddened and Sheng Yize knew that she was going to cry.

He didn’t want to reprimand her, but his body reacted before his brain did. It was as if hurting her would make him feel better.

An Xiaxia was vexed as well. “That’s right. At least the person I’m waiting for isn’t like you!”

She had had her fair share of suitors in the past seven years, but only one made her feel genuinely grateful.

That man had saved her three times.

The first time had been her senior year in high school.

The students in her class had grown restless as the college entrance exam drew near. It was common practice for people to throw their frenemies’ reference books into the toilet or switch out other people’s exam papers. Squabbles and fights broke out nearly every day.

An Xiaxia’s grades ranked somewhere in the middle back then, but she outdid herself during the college entrance exam with a score much higher than what she usually got, which narrowly got her into a good university in Ye City.

A girl that typically had good grades but who had done poorly in the actual exam asked An Xiaxia and a few others out to have dinner in an agritainment park.

There was a man-made lake beside the park. After dinner, the girl caught An Xiaxia off-guard and pushed her in…

An Xiaxia still hadn’t learned to swim and she struggled in the lake. The others were terrified by the deep water and no one dared save her.

At that critical moment, a guy in black jumped in, got An Xiaxia out, and resuscitated her with CPR. An Xiaxia narrowly escaped death.

However, she had been unconscious the whole time and didn’t know what the man looked like. None of the other girls had seen his face either.

Later, her freshman year in college.

An Xiaxia was stopped by a few drunk seniors outside the laboratory building. They were frivolous and wouldn’t keep their hands off her.

The more she refused, the more aggressive those men became.

“Stop it or I’m calling the police!” An Xiaxia took out her phone, but one of the stalwart guys snatched it away and threw it on the ground.

“Gosh! Relax, will you? We’re just talking here… Calling the police? Do you have any idea who my dad is?!”

Click –

As if in answer to that question, the lamps outside the building went off. The guy mumbled, “What the hell?”

He screamed in pain the next second. Immediately, there came choked cries and the muffled sound of fists hitting flesh!

Those men were soon on the ground and a pair of big hands took An Xiaxia’s small ones.

He wore gloves and smelled heavily of smoke. It was pitch dark, and An Xiaxia flinched instinctively.

The other person hesitated a little, then gently wrote on her palm: Don’t be afraid .