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Chapter 671: You Mean the World to Me (3)

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Had he just messed with the wrong person…

Would he be able to keep this job?

The answer was obviously no.

Mr. Zhao was fired that same day and his name was blacklisted so that he wouldn’t be able to get any job in the media industry from now on. It went without saying that such a resolute move was carried out by a certain scheming guy.

An Xiaxia hailed a taxi, her cheeks puffed up with vexation.

The reason she quit her job was quite straightforward: she had never liked this line of work to begin with and after what happened in Zhu County, An Xiaxia realized that she wasn’t tough enough to be a reporter.

Moreover… she didn’t really have to work. Apart from the fact that she could live off An Yibei if she chose to, she had published quite a few books over the years herself. The royalties she received every month were several times higher than her salary. There was no point forcing herself to stick to a 3000-yuan job.

The driver was a talkative one, who teased her cheerfully, “Why, miss, fought with your boyfriend?”

“Nope! I quit my job!”

“Wow, good for you. It’s not that easy to find a job nowadays, though…

“I’ll live off my family, then!” An Xiaxia clenched her fists and said affirmatively.

The driver was rendered speechless, for he had never heard a NEET make such a self-righteous claim. It took him quite a while to recover from the shock and the corner of his mouth twitched as he said, “Young lady, your lifestyle is quite…”

Before An Xiaxia could reply, her phone began to ring in her bag.

It was an unfamiliar number. She took out her tablet immediately and tapped open an app before taking a deep breath and picking it up.


“An Xiaxia!” It was that same processed voice again. “I told you to stay away from Sheng Yize. What are you doing now?”

“He won’t leave me alone. What can I do about it?” An Xiaxia stalled, while quickly tapping around on the app.

She had paid a small fortune for this location software, which was connected to her phone. The longer the call lasted, the more likely she was to find that person’s whereabouts.

“Leave him or your family will pay!” That person used the same threat again.

An Xiaxia pretended to be scared. “Please don’t hurt my family. I’ll do whatever you ask. But Sheng Yize is too powerful for me to handle now… Maybe, you can tell me how to deal with him?”

The location had taken her to Jingan District of Yu City.

Almost there!

The mysterious caller went quiet for a while, then began to give An Xiaxia suggestions.

An Xiaxia rejected every single one of them with all sorts of excuses. The person grew impatient and said, “How can you be so stupid?”

“Hm… Sorry about that, but didn’t you say last time that you’re with Sheng Yize already? Can’t you do something about it…” An Xiaxia began to probe.

“Together” could be interpreted in many ways.

They could be together as family, as friends, or lovers… An Xiaxia was leaning toward the last case. However, she couldn’t be sure without further evidence.

“Hmph, keep your hands out of our business!” the person sneered, which made An Xiaxia even more certain that she was a woman!

The location finally took her to a general area. An Xiaxia searched it up on Google Maps and her hands jolted.

It was where the old Sheng family home was.

Gosh… How could someone there plot against her? Grandma and Grandpa Sheng were such nice people that there was no way they were involved…

An Xiaxia was befuddled. The mysterious caller seemed to sense the abnormality and hung up after cursing An Xiaxia.

Holding the tablet in her arms, An Xiaxia stared blankly into the air.

Who on earth could it be…