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Chapter 666: What If I Love You? (12)

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Feeling guilty as charged, An Xiaxia cringed and jabbed her fingertips together. “… Why are you back?”

“Are you saying you don’t want me back?” Sheng Yize sneered. “I can leave now!”

With Sheng Yize gone, An Xiaxia would have to face Mr. Song alone. Hence, she grabbed Sheng Yize’s arm without hesitation. “Don’t leave me!”

Sheng Yize’s eyes grew darker.

Had she said anything like this back then, he would never have let her go!


The old memory only made the look on Sheng Yize’s face even more stern and he vented his anger on Mr. Song as well. “Mr. Song, I see you’ve lowered yourself to come to Ye City. You should have called beforehand. I would have arranged a banquet to welcome you.”

Mr. Song smiled bitterly. “I… I’m here to take An Xiaxia back.”

Vexed, An Xiaxia threw a pillow at him. “Liar! I don’t believe you! You pervert!”

“Xiaxia.” Sheng Yize stopped her. After all, Mr. Song was their senior and it wasn’t appropriate to treat him this way.

Mr. Song seemed to use up whatever strength he had left in his body as he said slowly, “Xiaxia, you’re my daughter.”

Sheng Yize was dazed. An Xiaxia yelled with red-rimmed eyes, “Say it all you want! I’m not becoming your daughter just because you said so!”

The word “father” used to be so sacred to An Xiaxia.

However, ever since she learned about what had happened to Zhong Yue, An Xiaxia didn’t want to find out who her biological father was at all!

Not to mention that the person turned out to be Mr. Song!

She had had her suspicions over the years that Mr. Song might be her father, plus that painting on the yacht… All along he had tried to be nice to her… and the familiarity she felt toward him… All the evidence suggested that she had to have something to do with Mr. Song.

But it was also this man that had abandoned her and her mother and forced Zhong Yue into a mental hospital…

Sheng Yize asked with a grim face, “Mr. Song, are you making up stories now? Everyone knows that your daughter is Song Qingchen…”

“Heh,” An Xiaxia said in disdain. “That’s not Song Qingchen. She’s Song Qingwan, Mr. Song’s illegitimate daughter!”

Mr. Song lowered his head in shame.

It was common knowledge that Zhong Yue had only given birth to one child, a daughter.

That put Song Qingwan in a very awkward state. Since Mr. Song had brought her back home as Song Qingchen, it meant that her own identity was an ignoble one.

She was only months older than An Xiaxia.

Hence, there was only one explanation: Mr. Song had cheated on Zhong Yue and Song Qingwan was the child of his mistress!

Sheng Yize’s heart sank and he darted a look at An Xiaxia.

Her little face had hatred written all over it.

There was a reason behind all the hatred.

It seemed Mr. Song was telling the truth…

“Go! I don’t want to see you ever again!” An Xiaxia was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Mr. Song finally heaved a sigh, told Sheng Yize to take good care of her, and left.

As soon as he was gone, An Xiaxia burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Sheng Yize wiped her tears with a tissue, but more tears kept coming.

It was as if someone was stabbing his heart with a knife. Sheng Yize tossed the tissue box aside and ordered, “Stop crying!”

Frightened, An Xiaxia stopped crying right away. She only sobbed sporadically and hiccuped every now and then.

Sheng Yize was much more overbearing than he had been seven years ago. “Go to bed!”

An Xiaxia crawled back under the duvet, but kept on sobbing.

Sheng Yize climbed onto the bed with her and scared her deliberately. “Stop crying or I’ll take you right here!”