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Chapter 662: What If I Love You? (8)

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Kang Jian found himself a way out like this. Even if Sheng Yize did let him take the gun, he wouldn’t be bold enough to take it!

His dark eyes lingered on An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, I need to talk to you.”

After that, Kang Jian led An Xiaxia to one side, ignoring Sheng Yize’s opinion on his action.

“Are you two still together?” Kang Jian smiled mildly.

An Xiaxia hesitated, then shook her head. “Something happened between us… We broke up a long time ago.”

Kang Jian acknowledged it with an “oh,” then said, “But he must care about you very much, or he wouldn’t have come to such a dangerous place.”

“Maybe…” An Xiaxia wasn’t sure about Sheng Yize’s feelings for her.

They chatted for quite a while until An Xiaxia realized something was off. “Kang Jian, are you alright?”

His tanned face was covered in sweat and An Xiaxia handed him a tissue. Kang Jian was a little surprised, but he wiped away his sweat immediately and chuckled. “I stink, do I? Why, don’t give me that disdainful look.”

“I’m not. I just think you look weird…”

Kang Jian smiled broadly, flashing his white teeth, then rubbed An Xiaxia’s head again.

He had been a tall boy to begin with and had grown quite a bit over the years. He was now over twenty centimeters taller than An Xiaxia and almost looked intimidating.

“Xiaxia, call my name again.”

“Kang Jian?”

“Like you used to.”

An Xiaxia found his request strange. “Worthless Kang?”

Kang Jian smiled. “Yup.”

An Xiaxia was sure something was off now. She grabbed his sleeve and demanded, “Hey, what on earth is going on?!”

Kang Jian was evasive. Instead, he said, “Can I call you like I used to?”

“Hm…?” An Xiaxia was at a loss.

Kang Jian had already whispered it. “Xiaxia Wifey.”

Pfft —

Why did he still remember that name?!

The two of them used to play house when they were little as husband and wife. She would call him “Jianjian Hubby” and he would call her “Xiaxia Wifey.”

From childhood to adolescence, he had called her his wife for many years and wouldn’t stop even if he got beaten up for it.

She had only thought it a mischievous thing, but the nickname had a sorrowful feel to it now.

There was no traveling back in time.

Kang Jian heaved a sigh. “That’s it. I’m back to safeguarding the country and you should go back home with your lover boy now. Do send me an invitation when you get married!”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. “You’ll have to come, then.”

Come back safely.

“Sure.” Kang Jian smiled brightly, just like when she had first met him when they were little. Back then, he had also smiled like a fool and greeted her while hopping around. “I’m Kang Jian! As in Jian Kang backward! Lalala! You can call me Brother Kangkang, Brother Jianjian, or Brother Handsome! Lalala~”

A valiant Su Xiaomo had then kicked him away and huffed, “Ignore him! He’s an idiot!”

Kang Jian turned around and soon disappeared into the distance.

Sheng Yize looked displeased. He took An Xiaxia’s hand and said coldly, “I’m taking you back.”

Zhou Shiqiao then handed the baby to An Xiaxia and said earnestly, “Go ahead. I’m going to stay here for a couple more days. About Wen Qing and He Dongyang… Please inform their families after you get back…”

The helicopter rose into the clouds and a massive explosion went off in Zhu County.

At that time, An Xiaxia still hadn’t realized that some deaths were determined by fate.

After she landed, she received a message from Zhou Shiqiao. Kang Jian was dead.