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Chapter 661: What If I Love You? (7)

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Army boots trod heavily toward them. An Xiaxia and Zhou Shiqiao were pulled to their feet immediately, then someone recognized them. “Aren’t you two reporters?”

“Um, yes…” Zhou Shiqiao nodded.

That man snatched his phone away and asked in a roguish manner, “You didn’t film anything, did you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then what’s this?” That person waved the phone around.

Slap —

Zhou Shiqiao felt like he had just slapped his own face.

In the end, soldiers were soldiers. That man looked intimidating, but he wasn’t a bad guy. “I’m going to delete this. If you have another copy, we’d prefer that you don’t post it anywhere. The terrorist group arranged this suicide attack just to cause panic and confuse the public. There will be serious repercussions if you leak this footage.”

His intercom device then buzzed. He gave the phone back to Zhou Shiqiao, then promptly left.

An Xiaxia and Zhou Shiqiao exchanged looks and went back to their tent.

An Xiaxia fed the baby some more milk. She then giggled and tugged An Xiaxia’s finger.

It must be so nice to be a kid… She didn’t have to understand anything.

An Xiaxia was envious of her.

There was a noisy hubbub in the square. An Xiaxia followed the sounds and saw a helicopter land in a clearing some distance away. A tall man got off and strode toward the square.

In that instant, An Xiaxia felt her heart stop.

All around them, everyone was talking. He alone walked steadily toward her, reminding her of some deity descending to earth surrounded by resplendent light.

While she was looking at him, he spotted her immediately as well and quickened his steps.

Before An Xiaxia realized it, she was already in his arms. His deep voice rang out in her ears. “Xiaxia…”

“Sheng Yize… Wh- why are you here?” An Xiaxia stammered. Sheng Yize only held her tighter and said casually, “Just passing by.”

The corner of An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched and she broke into a chuckle at his “passing by.” “What a coincidence…”

The man was the same tsundere as ever.

“Wait, what do we have here…?” Sheng Yize let go of her and looked frustratedly at the baby in her arms.

Something got into An Xiaxia and she joked, “She’s yours.”

The look on Sheng Yize’s face became indescribable.

His thin lips moved and he looked between the baby and An Xiaxia before articulating clearly, “I haven’t touched any woman other than you.”

Hence, the baby couldn’t be his.

An Xiaxia was a little embarrassed. She was going to explain when he darted her an even stranger look. “Plus, I haven’t actually ‘touched’ you yet.”

“Well, it could be something you did when you got drunk…”

“I won’t rule out that possibility, but that would never happen with you,” Sheng Yize said sincerely, which made An Xiaxia’s heart skip a beat. She couldn’t look at him anymore and shifted her gaze. “Fine… I’m just kidding. She’s… a kid my friend saved.”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes at the thought of Wen Qing.

A mellow male voice broke the ice —

“That grand entrance… was so drama-style romantic.” Kang Jian went up to them, amazed. He then darted Sheng Yize a look. “There are terrorists in the county at the moment, so, just a routine inspection!”

He reached for Sheng Yize’s waist and found something hard and cold there — a gun.

Kang Jian took his hand back at Sheng Yize’s murderous stare.

“Well… I’ll let you keep it for the security. Take good care of her.”