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Chapter 658: What If I Love You? (4)

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Everyone began to rush toward the door. However, it was such a violent earthquake that the building collapsed within a minute.

Had it not been for He Dongyang, who had pushed An Xiaxia out, she would have been buried under the ruins as well.

Nero Zhou was the fastest. Looking around, he murmured, “Gosh… Wen Qing and He Dongyang are still inside!”

An Xiaxia’s face changed.

The two of them stared silently at the restaurant, which had practically turned into a pile of bricks.

“We must save them…” Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes and she began to run toward the ruins. However, Nero Zhou stopped her. “Stop right there!”

An Xiaxia looked back at him in confusion and Nero Zhou said with a straight face, “Don’t forget what you are: a reporter!”

“What does that have to do with anything?!” An Xiaxia yelled.

Nero Zhou took out his phone and began to film An Xiaxia. “I still have reception on my phone. Run a news report on the earthquake now! This moment! Post it online and make everyone aware! Rescue will come much quicker that way! We’ll be able to save so many more people!”

“I… I’m just an intern who writes ad columns…” An Xiaxia stood there dazed for a moment. She then wiped her tears away and put on a determined face, speaking quickly into the camera. “An earthquake took place at 1:16PM today. There are multiple collapsed buildings and the quake was intense…” She choked a little. “We’re possibly looking at major casualties and we need rescue teams, paramedics, and relief supplies…”

Nero Zhou worked against the clock to post the video online, then called the police.

No one picked up.

He then tried other numbers, but there was no reception on his phone now.

He looked ages older in that few minutes. Seeing that An Xiaxia was digging with her bare hands, he ran up to her with teary eyes.

The two of them had been digging for hours with some other civilians when the rescue teams finally arrived.

The excavator removed the top layer of bricks and debris, revealing pools of blood beneath.

An Xiaxia spotted He Dongyang’s dead body right away and broke into tears.

She had laughed at him for being a “central heating system”… but it was also this man that had chosen to save her at the last second.

He was a nice guy, someone who tried to look out for everyone else.

An Xiaxia looked around for Wen Qing and finally found her in a corner.

She was stuck between a table and a wall. There was so much blood that she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She called out in a low voice after seeing An Xiaxia, “Anan… the baby…”

An Xiaxia rushed to her side in tears and with the help of the rescue team, she took the baby in her arms.

It was a beautiful girl. Despite what had happened, she didn’t cry at all, but only nibbled her finger quietly.

Wen Qing was crying, her face streaked with tears and blood. “I… I regret so much that I never got married or had a child…”

“That’s ok. Everything’s going to be alright… They’ll get you out in no time.” As soon as An Xiaxia said that, a doctor whispered in her ear, “She’s lost too much blood. She won’t make it even if we get her out now…”

An Xiaxia’s lips quivered and she looked at the doctor in disbelief.

Wen Qing cried, then began to chuckle. “It’s ok… I know I won’t get out of here alive. Anan, I’ve bullied you all this time. Don’t hate me… Where’s the baby’s mum?”

An Xiaxia looked up. A short distance away, the mother’s body… was already in a bag.

Tears rushed to her eyes again. Only now did An Xiaxia realize that all the grievances and sorrows she had experienced in her life were nothing compared with natural disasters like this.

“She’s gone…”

Wen Qing sighed. “Poor thing… Anan, let’s give her a name.”