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Chapter 657: What If I Love You? (3)

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She stood still, raised an eyebrow, and said in a sarcastic tone, “An Xiaxia, you’re as shameless as ever!”

An Xiaxia frowned.

Li Fanxing…

“You’re as undereducated as ever yourself,” she retorted calmly.

Li Fanxing sneered and turned to Sheng Yize. “Are you going to explain this? Do you still have a thing for her or is she throwing herself at you?”

Sheng Yize looked at her indifferently and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” Li Fanxing raised her voice. “I should be the one asking what are you doing here in Ye City! Didn’t she hurt you enough seven years ago?! Did you forget about it already or do you want to fall back into that rut?”

An Xiaxia said in a hurry, “There was nothing between us before.”

Li Fanxing gave her an “are you f**king kidding me” look. “Why, you’re in denial now? Do I need to remind you that he’s Sheng Yize, the ex-boyfriend you dumped seven years ago?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. “He’s lost his memory. What’s the point bringing it up?”

The crowd outside was shocked.

“Wow, is this… a catfight between old and new lovers, or a competition between the official wife and the other woman?”

“This is so going in the headlines… it’ll be such a hit!”

Nero Zhou took another look and said in a pensive tone, “I don’t think it’s as simple as that.”

He was right. Inside the ward, Li Fanxing said in a shrill voice, “Stop pretending! Since when did he have amnesia? You’re the last person he’s going to forget in this world!”

An Xiaxia’s face turned blank.

Sheng Yize kept his silence, but every bit of him was saying one thing: he was very angry.

Seeing this, Li Fanxing chuckled self-mockingly. “Don’t tell me… you’re the one pretending.”

She stared at Sheng Yize and said in a malicious voice, “You’ve always been a good actor. Do I need to remind you that our families are supposed to be joined in marriage?”

Sheng Yize frowned and looked sidelong at An Xiaxia.

Her face had gone pale and it only took her a moment to realize what was going on. She said quietly, “Did you have fun… tricking me?”

The hell with amnesia and not remembering her! He had faked it all!

Sheng Yize clenched his fists and said nothing. An Xiaxia couldn’t stand it anymore. She walked past Li Fanxing and rushed out of the ward.

The crowd hooted and jeered. Nero Zhou and the others looked at one another, speechless.

The following day, An Xiaxia packed her bag and headed for Zhu County with He Dongyang, Nero Zhou, and Wen Qing.

Halfway there, He Dongyang heard about what had happened the previous day from Nero Zhou and said hesitantly, “Anan, you and that Sheng Yize…”

“Senior He, I don’t feel so well. I think I’ll take a nap,” An Xiaxia said politely, then closed her eyes.

He Dongyang found it inappropriate to say anything else.

Six hours later, the four of them arrived at Zhu County. They checked into their hotel after filling their stomachs.

The following day, the four of them each did their task and finished the news report. Nero Zhou then gave a wave of his hand. “Lunch is on me!”

They picked a rather unique restaurant. Halfway through lunch, Wen Qing saw an adorable baby at the next table and asked eagerly, “May I hold it?”

The mother was quite affable and handed her the baby.

As Wen Qing played with the baby, she no longer looked as arrogant as she normally did, but had a motherly air to her.

It all happened so suddenly. The table began to shake violently and the lamps on the ceiling started to fall down.

The entire world seemed to be thrown into a dryer.

Someone shrieked in a terrified voice, “Earthquake!”