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Chapter 655: What If I Love You? (1)

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“Are you kidding me… Go ahead! Check it!” the woman commanded arrogantly. The shop assistant did as she was bid in resignation, and then said gingerly, “Miss, your current balance is 1.9 million with an overdraft allowance of 200,000…”

She then slowly showed them An Xiaxia’s card, which was black on both sides. A hush fell over the group of people.

A black card symbolised its owner’s social status, for it was only issued to people like high-ranking government officials or billionaires.

“This young lady here has a black card. Theoretically speaking, she can buy an aeroplane with it if she wants to…” the shop assistant said gingerly.

She had only seen images of such a card on the internet and never thought she would be able to hold one in real life.

The woman went as pale as a sheet. Her plan had been to stick up for Li Fanxing, but she had gotten her own face slapped instead. It was utterly humiliating!

Li Fanxing let out a laugh and put her sunglasses back on. “Good job.”

The words seemed to be squeezed out through her teeth.

An Xiaxia calmly took her card back.

She had gotten this card in a rather awkward manner: Mr. Song had sent it to her with no further instructions.

He had given An Xiaxia a seven-figure check before, and this card only convinced An Xiaxia that… he was a pervert.

She had used the money from the check to hire bodyguards and had put the card away. She had never expected to use it like this today.

After leaving the mall with her things, An Xiaxia realized what had been nagging her.

Why was Li Fanxing… in Ye City, too?

Once she was back home, she searched up Li Fanxing online.

Li Fanxing had had quite a few parts in various shows in the past few years. Although her acting was as bad as ever, she prevailed over other actors in terms of volume. There was a time when one couldn’t watch a drama without seeing her, making her a somewhat famous supporting actress in the country.

That was right, her acting career was characterized by minor parts.

She had distanced herself from showbiz in recent years and had done a management degree abroad. It could be assumed that in a few years, she would take over the operation of her family business.

Another name kept being mentioned together with hers.

An Xiaxia hesitantly clicked on a link, which led her to a piece of news from some tabloid.

“Seven years ago, the Sheng family released news that the Sheng and Li families were to be joined in marriage. So, is Sheng Yize going to marry Li Fanxing? Please follow our in-depth analysis of the path they have walked so far…”

Below was a lengthy passage which sang praises of their relationship.

An Xiaxia sighed. So, the two families wanted the marriage…

Somehow, she was a little disappointed by the news. An Xiaxia sat there dazed for a long while before summoning up her courage and typing Sheng Yize’s name into the search box.

There wasn’t much information on Sheng Yize online, and most were interviews he had given when he was still an idol. He almost never appeared on camera after he went into business and the only times his name was mentioned was when financial professionals talked about him as a talented and resolute young business genius.

He had created more records than An Xiaxia could count in the stock market, in business operations, investments… and he had done remarkable things in many other areas.

An Xiaxia stared blankly at the screen for a moment before closing the webpage.

He seemed more unattainable than ever.

Her phone then began to ring. She picked it up and saw that it was from Nero Zhou.

“Yes?” He wasn’t going to send her out on some job at this hour, was he?

“Holy Jesus! Your husband is injured. Aren’t you going to see him at the hospital?” Nero Zhou sounded exasperated. “People’s Hospital, third floor, the VIP ward. Hurry up!”

An Xiaxia sat there befuddled for a moment before she realized who Nero Zhou was talking about. He didn’t mean Sheng Yize… did he?