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Chapter 650: She’s Mine (6)

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Su Xiaomo batted her long eyelashes. Wait, had he finally decided to do it?

She made an elaborate show of being a shy girl. “I’m all yours…”

Mwahahahaha! Sex! At last! Su Xiaomo was over the moon!

He Jiayu couldn’t take it anymore. Guarding the dishes with his arms, he said, “I’m having all the meat tonight and you can just watch!”

Su Xiaomo: “…”

“Take me. I’m delicious.” Su Xiaomo was nearly in tears.

He Jiayu looked like he was having a stroke. “You… Put a leash on yourself!”

Su Xiaomo pouted. “You don’t like me reserved and you don’t like me wild either! He Jiayu, you’re as difficult as you are seductive!”

She then stormed off to watch TV. He Jiayu sighed in resignation.

That fool…

He took off his apron and took a shower.

The two of them had been living together for years. Although they had never taken that final step, they had been sharing a bed for a very long time…

He Jiayu tidied up the room like a virtuous wife and was going to turn off Su Xiaomo’s laptop when he spotted the chatbox sitting in the center of the screen…

After quickly skimming through the conversation, he snapped the laptop shut with a very dark face.

Walking into the living room, he saw Su Xiaomo eating some fruit on the sofa, looking defeated. When she looked up at He Jiayu, the look in her eyes reminded him of a lonely wife.

He Jiayu picked her up, which made Su Xiaomo jump. “What are you doing?”

“Exactly what you want.” His deep voice made Su Xiaomo’s heart race.

She was then tossed onto their bed before He Jiayu bent down over her. She could only partially make out his handsome face in the dim light and the shadows accentuated his facial bone structure.

Her pajamas were then ripped off and before Su Xiaomo could say anything, she was stopped by a long, heavy kiss…

There was a time when Su Xiaomo had considered He Jiayu a docile lamb kind of guy. However, after that night, she nibbled weakly on the corner of her quilt as she concluded: damn it! He was a wolf!

And a very libidinous, hungry, voracious wolf at that!

Even her weeping and pleading did nothing in the end. He moved fast and hard while she was pinned to the bed and had no control over the situation at all.

She had lost count of how many times they had done it by the time he dug his teeth into her collarbone and asked in a deep voice, “Do you… still have doubts about my ability now?”

“No! Of course not!” Su Xiaomo said weakly. “Are… are you done yet?”

Hadn’t he been so good at holding back before? No matter how hard she tried to seduce him, he had never reacted! He would either “help himself” or resign himself to cold showers.

Once he had a taste, he wasn’t going to stop that easily. He Jiayu only carried her to the bathroom to clean her up after another two rounds.

After the shower, Su Xiaomo could barely keep her eyes open. He Jiayu kissed her forehead, then put a ring on her finger.

Su Xiaomo squinted at it. It was a beautiful ring in a customized style of some brand. It was the kind that a person could only buy once in their lifetime with an ID card, which symbolized everlasting love.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility. Marry me.” He Jiayu was sincere and adamant.

Somehow, Su Xiaomo managed to summon up her strength and rip the ring off. She shook her head repeatedly. “No, no! I don’t want to get married! I have marriage phobia! I’ll be single for life!”

He Jiayu narrowed his eyes. “Will you? You took my first time and you’re going to act like nothing happened? Su Xiaomo, mark my words: that’s not going to happen!”

“Whatever! No marriage!” Su Xiaomo was determined. She kicked He Jiayu away, snuggled under the quilt, and fell asleep.

He Jiayu struggled to keep his anger at bay. However, after staring at Su Xiaomo for a moment, he chuckled.

We still have such a long life ahead of us. Who else apart from me is going to stay by your side?