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Chapter 649: She’s Mine (5)

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The answer seemed to be on the tip of her tongue, but it then got stuck.

An Xiaxia rubbed her head, which throbbed with pain, and went back home on an electric bicycle.

She switched on her computer and logged into QQ. Su Xiaomo’s message popped up immediately.

“Damn it! I got found out again with the R-18 comics I drew! Aah! Xiaxia, what should I do?!”

Su Xiaomo then sent her a crying emoji thumping its fist on the ground, and An Xiaxia replied with a guffawing emoji as she shook her leg. “So, did you finally get what you wanted and have Mr. He ravish you in bed?”

She had kept in touch with Su Xiaomo after moving here. While in college, An Xiaxia had had nothing better to do and had decided to write novels for a website. She had had a knack for it, and after a few books, two male characters of a novel somehow gained popularity as a couple. Su Xiaomo then prompted her to write slash fiction for the couple, which immediately made An Xiaxia the slash fiction guru of the website…

A short while ago, a company had bought the copyright of her novel to turn it into a comic. Since they were looking for a suitable illustrator, she had recommended Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo had done a great job. Since An Xiaxia’s novel had been kept pretty “non-physical,” there were only two explicit love scenes at most… Su Xiaomo had put all her effort into drawing the scenes, and then, her draft had been discovered by He Jiayu, who was living with her…

“Screw it… I’m seriously starting to think that He Jiayu doesn’t love me at all! He doesn’t crave my body!” Su Xiaomo went on howling. “How many years has it been now? I still haven’t slept with him yet! I honestly think he has performance issues!”

An Xiaxia found this conversation very awkward. “…Ahem, Momo, have you been acting too reserved? How about trying something wilder?”

“Really? I’ll give it a go, then… He’s mine tonight!” After making that lofty announcement, Su Xiaomo moved into action decisively.

A rich aroma filled the air. She swallowed and headed for the kitchen.

The weather was too hot and their electricity supply had been erratic these days. The power was down at the moment and the kitchen was as hot as a sauna house. He Jiayu wasn’t wearing a top and he stood there bare-chested. Drops of sweat slid down his muscular abdomen and all the way into his trousers…

Damn… He Jiayu was a cutie with his clothes on and a succubus without them!

Su Xiaomo wipe her mouth and called out happily, “Darling~”

He Jiayu glanced at her and smiled mildly, but wouldn’t talk to her.

A chatterbox like Su Xiaomo could die from frustration if she couldn’t talk to anyone. She jabbed the tips of her fingers together, looking quite pitiful. “I’m sorry… I won’t draw those things again. Forgive me?”

Cutie He’s smile was as pleasant as a spring breeze, but no words came out of his mouth.

Seeing that her apology hadn’t worked, Su Xiaomo resolved to use her killing move. “Father!”

He Jiayu’s hand jolted and he almost threw the spatula away!

Su Xiaomo said obsequiously, “I’ll call you father from now on if you forgive me now!”

He Jiayu: … Grow a spine, will you?!

He rolled his eyes at her and Su Xiaomo behaved herself right away.

She watched as the tall and slender He Jiayu stir-fried the vegetables in the wok. Despite his sweat-streaked face, she still found him unbelievably hot.

When the vegetables were cooked, He Jiayu was going to take them out of the wok when he realized that he had forgotten to set out a plate. He frowned a little.

Su Xiaomo saw what he needed right away. “Let me!”

She quickly fetched him a plate, and He Jiayu looked up. Su Xiaomo took this opportunity to pull down the collar of her pajamas, revealing her fair and tender shoulder. She then winked at He Jiayu suggestively. “Do forgive me, for the sake of my beauty!”

He Jiayu blushed right away and his voice turned husky. “Su Xiaomo, do you really think… I won’t touch you?”