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Chapter 648: She’s Mine (4)

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He Dongyang nodded. “That’s right. You should have told me. I’d have congratulated you with some gift money.”

Wen Qing’s eyes darted around. An Xiaxia was married?

So, He Dongyang was hers to have!

At that thought, Wen Qing changed her attitude as well. Taking An Xiaxia’s hand, she said amiably, “That’s right, Xiaxia. Why didn’t you tell us? I see, you didn’t want your marital status to interfere with your job. Is that it?”

No! That wasn’t it! Since when was she married?!

An Xiaxia pinched her own cheek.

Ssss — it kinda hurt. So, she wasn’t in a dream.

“Am I married?” she asked, looking bemused.

“Aren’t you?” He Dongyang raised his eyebrows and looked hurt. “I’ve seen your marriage certificate. You don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.”

An Xiaxia looked petrified. Had she woken up this morning in another universe? Why didn’t she remember getting a marriage certificate at all?

“Um… whom am I married to?” An Xiaxia made herself ask that question.

He Dongyang sighed. “I do remember that name very vividly: Sheng Yize. Why, that sounds a little familiar…”

An Xiaxia thought she had been struck by a thunderbolt.

Gosh! How could she be married to Sheng Yize?!

An Xiaxia asked, “Where did you see my marriage certificate?”

“Sheng Yize showed it to me.” He Dongyang recalled that exceptionally handsome man from the other day and felt utterly defeated.

He had never expected his young junior here to have a boyfriend as stunning as an idol. No wonder she had never considered his affections seriously.

“Isn’t Sheng the surname of that powerful family in Yu City? Is he that Sheng Yize, the new CEO of Shengshi Group? The one that joined the firm when he was 20 and expanded Shengshi to ten times what it used to be in five years?” As a reporter, Wen Qing was naturally sensitive to such news.

He Dongyang smacked his knee at those words. “You’re right! It was him! He looked exactly like on TV! Xiaxia, I didn’t know you have such a rich husband… Why are you even working here? Are you trying to experience the life of us commoners?”

An Xiaxia couldn’t tell him the bitter truth and could only force a smile. “Heh…”

Seeing this, He Dongyang decided to move on. He then left with Wen Qing, their arms linked. An Xiaxia the poor single girl was left behind standing in the wind, feeling utterly speechless.

She couldn’t throw away a yogurt cup without licking the yogurt on the inner side of the lid first! How could she be the wife of the CEO of Shengshi Group?! What was He Dongyang even thinking?

Although… where did Sheng Yize get that marriage certificate? Could he have forged it?

He wasn’t that type of person, was he…

Her phone began to ring in her pocket.

An Xiaxia took it out. Her heart sank when she saw the number on the screen.

Picking it up with trembling fingers, she heard that terrifying voice once again, which had always felt like a nightmare. “Why is Sheng Yize looking into my life? An Xiaxia, what have you done?!”

An Xiaxia kept her voice as steady as possible. “I haven’t seen him for seven years. How could I make him do that?”

The person was silent for a moment, then giggled. “It had better not be you… Or, your family will suffer!”

“Is Sheng Yize your boyfriend now?” An Xiaxia asked in a casual tone.

“Of course… He can only be mine and no one else’s!” That person sounded smug, but soon realized the slip of the tongue and hung up immediately.

An Xiaxia cursed under her breath. She had almost succeeded!

She sent the number to some friend in the IT business and asked them to find out more about it.

The friend soon texted back. Both the registration information and call log indicated that the caller was from Yu City.

That person wouldn’t have registered the SIM card with his or her own ID card… It had probably been bought from some shop by the side of the road…

Yu City and with Sheng Yize… When she connected the dots, who would it lead to?