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Chapter 646: She’s Mine (2)

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He Dongyang looked shocked. “That’s impossible! She’s only just graduated from college and doesn’t even have a boyfriend! How can she be married?”

The man said lazily, “She got married at 20. Don’t blame others for your own ignorance.”

He Dongyang’s face turned very grim. He obviously didn’t believe it.

The man then casually tossed him a small red booklet. He Dongyang took one look and was astonished.

It was a marriage certificate!

Inside was a photo of An Xiaxia and this man and the names on the certificate read “Sheng Yize” and “An Xiaxia.” It had the stamp, the seal, everything…

An Xiaxia was married?

That was why she didn’t have any friends and kept a proper distance from guys…

So, the excuse she used when she turned guys down was true. She indeed had someone she liked!

He Dongyang felt as if he had just been struck by lightning and didn’t know how to react to the news!

He had been crushing on a married woman…!

The man patted him on the shoulder and said sympathetically, “It’s time to give up! She’s mine.”

He Dongyang darted him a resentful look before storming off to his car.

Sheng Yize put the red booklet back into his pocket and snorted.

A man like that competing with him? In his dreams!

Wait, was forging a certificate against the law?

Well, she would be his sooner or later. It was just a matter of time.

The next day.

An Xiaxia arrived at the news agency early wearing a blue striped dress.

The dress was a birthday gift from An Yibei. His business was doing well and he gave her the best things he could afford.

“Why, Anan, you make what, 3000 yuan a month [1. Roughly 450 USD.]? And that’s a Chanel dress worth five figures! You’re such a lavish spender!” That woman from yesterday went up to An Xiaxia in her high heels. Her name was Wen Qing and she held a grudge against An Xiaxia because she liked He Dongyang herself.

An Xiaxia found her attitude ridiculous. “It was a gift.”

“From whom? A guy?” Wen Qing giggled. “Speaking of that, I was told that… a BMW has driven you to work a few times, right? I think He Dongyang drives a Buick…”

Media people had a knack for gossip and the agency erupted at those words.

Wow! That was a textbook case of having a foot in both camps! A typical young college graduate living as a kept woman of some rich, fat sugar daddy!

An Xiaxia smiled. “It was indeed a BMW. What’s wrong, Sister Wen Qing?”

She looked so innocent that Wen Qing couldn’t bring herself to lash out at the girl, fearing that she might damage her own image. She could only say in a resentful tone, “You youngsters nowadays… The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day!”

Surprised cries suddenly came from the doorway.

“Wow! That guy looks fabulous!”

“Exactly… He’s so handsome! Aww! Is he an actor?”

“Why, Lele at reception says he drives a BMW… Money and good looks. He’s perfect!”


The man strode into the agency and was noticeably displeased when he spotted An Xiaxia. He went up to her with a grim face and tossed a lunchbox on her desk. “Forget it next time and I’ll leave you to starve!”

The agency fell silent right away!

Wen Qing was the first one to react. She grinned smugly and said, “Why, Anan, you already have a boyfriend, do you? Just imagine how disappointed He Dongyang will be…”

An Xiaxia smiled wryly and decided to play along. She ran up to An Yibei and gave him a hug. “Love you! Thank you for bringing me lunch~”

An Yibei frowned and lowered his voice. “What?”

“Well… there’s been a misunderstanding. Just work with me,” An Xiaxia said with resignation. She then took out his wallet from his pocket and drew out his ID card. “Allow me to introduce Mr. An Yibei, my brother.”

Everyone looked bewildered by those words. She then added in an unhurried tone, “As in my brother who shares the same father. Any other questions, Sister Wen Qing?”