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Chapter 645: She’s Mine (1)

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An Xiaxia followed Nero Zhou back to the news agency, looking defeated.

Not only had they failed to get any photos, Nero Zhou had gotten scratches from the struggle. He was grim-faced on the way back and exploded when they returned to the news agency.

“We didn’t get any photos and it’s all your fault! You good-for-nothing! Not only did you make a fool of me, you don’t feel sorry for your mistake…” Nero Zhou spared no harsh words and lashed out at her, which attracted a big audience.

An Xiaxia listened with an earnest expression. She knew Nero Zhou was doing this in public on purpose. That way, it would be her fault alone…


How cruel workplace politics were.

She made no effort to explain herself and let Nero Zhou give vent to his vexation.

Nero Zhou went on for nearly twenty minutes before saying condescendingly, “That’s it! You’re going back to your internship and no more field trips with me!”

“Yes, sir. No problem, sir.” An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly.

Finally, peace!

She had just sat back down at her desk when a female voice dripping with acid rang out. “Don’t try to stand out if you don’t have the talent. What a waste of a great opportunity. Gosh!”

Many turned to look at An Xiaxia in unison at those words.

He Dongyang returned just then and frowned at this. “Editor Zhou, did you not get the news?”

Nero Zhou cleared his throat. “Hm… We didn’t. It was all An Xiaxia’s fault that we came back empty-handed!”

He Dongyang glanced at An Xiaxia, then said, “Editor Zhou, she’s my junior from college and she’s still too young to have any experience in this… I hope you won’t hold a grudge against her. Here, I have something. It’s about the popular young actress and…”

He whispered something and Nero Zhou went back to his office, looking delighted. He Dongyang then walked up to An Xiaxia and said, “Time to clock out. Let me give you a ride.”

Everyone was watching them expectantly and An Xiaxia was embarrassed. “I think I’m fine going back on my own.”

He Dongyang was her senior from college and had helped her a lot since she started working here. However, some colleagues held grudges against her for that.

“Dongyang, she doesn’t want it. Stop pressing her!” that same female voice jeered.

He Dongyang smiled at that woman. An Xiaxia took the opportunity to sneak out.

She was only able to make it a few steps when He Dongyang caught up to her. “Wait! I’ll drive you!”

An Xiaxia smacked her forehead. Damn it. Her reputation would never be cleared now.

He Dongyang drove her all the way to the building she lived in. An Xiaxia was going in when he called after her and took out a bunch of flowers from his trunk. He smiled at her. “I saw that it was on discount and bought it. Take it.”

An Xiaxia was bewildered. “I can’t…”

No matter how ignorant she was, she could still tell that He Dongyang was… courting her.

“Sorry, but I – I already have someone I like!” An Xiaxia bowed at him. He Dongyang smiled knowingly. “You used that excuse for a whole four years in college. It might fool others, but are you going to use the same excuse on me?”

An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly. He Dongyang knew that he couldn’t make her like him and could only watch her leave.

With his talent, he could easily transfer to another city. An Xiaxia was the only reason he chose to stay in this small town.

Unfortunately, it was an unrequited love.

“Isn’t it inappropriate to hit on someone else’s wife?” said a clear and indifferent voice. Bemused, He Dongyang turned to look and saw an impressive man in a suit standing a short distance away.

He Dongyang was confused. “What do you mean?”

“She’s already married. Don’t you know?” the man said calmly as he pointed at An Xiaxia, who was walking away.