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Chapter 643: Do I Know You? (3)

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Everyone began to leave as told. Chu Zhiyun’s gaze stayed on An Xiaxia a bit longer than the others. She then gave her a smile and left.

“Sit,” Sheng Yize said coldly.

“That’s… that’s ok,” An Xiaxia stammered. Sheng Yize then cast her a stern look and she sat down promptly with her back ramrod straight.

Sheng Yize asked casually, “Miss An, are you a reporter?”

Of course An Xiaxia wouldn’t admit it, or this thing would never end. She shook her head earnestly. “No, no. I’m just a waitress.”

What she meant was: Please let me go. I’m totally innocent.

Sheng Yize smirked. His eyes were deeper-set than in his teenage years and that detached feeling had only grown more prominent with age. An Xiaxia almost couldn’t sit still beside him.

“Waitress?” Sheng Yize’s voice had no warmth. He then darted a look at her and asked, “What do you do here? Sell your talents or your body?”

An Xiaxia blushed right away. How could he talk about her like that?

“Watch your language! This is a proper club!” An Xiaxia explained with flushed cheeks. She then recalled that this club didn’t have that good a reputation…

Ahem, Sheng Yize hadn’t gotten the wrong idea, had he?

“Proper?” Sheng Yize smiled, then he yanked with his hand and An Xiaxia’s dress was torn right open. “Do you know why they put the zip of the dress on the side? It’s easier to rip it off this way!”

An Xiaxia shrieked. He then pinned her down with his body. “Now, are you still going to tell me this is a proper club?”

“Hm… I…” An Xiaxia wanted to cry, but no tears would come. She was going to confess when he pried her hand open to reveal the black memory card in her palm, set off against her fair skin.

“A honey trap and a liar… That’s some pretty base tricks your newspaper is using…” Given Sheng Yize’s sharp tongue, An Xiaxia wasn’t going to try to talk back. Crestfallen, she admitted her defeat. “I’m sorry…”

She was sorry, again!

Did she think her “sorry” meant anything?

Sheng Yize’s eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse. “You made a mistake and you’re going to pay for it. If saying sorry was enough, what do we need the police for?”

“What do you want…” An Xiaxia asked timidly. “And… could you please let me get up first?”

He had been on top of her the whole time, which was such a suggestive position.

Instead of getting up, Sheng Yize began to feel around her body. “What made you think you can negotiate with me? I’d ask you to pay for it with your body, but would you agree to that?”

An Xiaxia blushed. “No more nonsense! We were friends once, at least. If you’re really mad at me, just hand me over to the police. What do you think you’re doing now?”

She would never believe that he still had any feelings for her. What he was doing now was purely taking advantage of her.

“Friends?” Sheng Yize repeated that word, then retorted casually, “Do I know you?”

Boom —

As if a thunderbolt had exploded in her head, An Xiaxia looked at him in astonishment, but Sheng Yize remained expressionless, and she didn’t think he was lying.

“You don’t know me?” An Xiaxia asked, dumbfounded. She then came back to herself and probed again. “You don’t recognize me at all?”

Sheng Yize smiled. “Should I?”

Had Sheng Yize lost his memory…?

A part of An Xiaxia was delighted to realize that.

“Good…” She was noticeably relieved. However, those warm hands gripped her waist tighter and he pressed on. “Miss An, do you know me?”

An Xiaxia shook her head repeatedly. “No! Of course not!”

The grip grew even tighter.

Wait, why did she feel that he was… angrier?