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Chapter 642: Do I Know You? (2)

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The lower hem of the dress barely reached An Xiaxia’s thighs and she had to tug at it when she bent over.

After the fruit platter was set down, she glanced around the room.

There were no celebrities at all… Everyone here were smartly dressed business elites.

She went on scanning the room and when her gaze landed on the man sitting in the middle, she froze!

Sitting there with his long legs crossed, the man made an authoritative figure. He was unbelievably good-looking and a mole under his left eye gave him a mesmerizing feel. He tapped the back of the sofa repeatedly with his slender fingers, which created a mysterious rhythm that seemed to be pound on one’s chest!

An Xiaxia’s heart raced. She forgot all about the search for celebrities and all she could think of was: I need to get out of here! Now!

Her life had been smooth sailing after moving to this city. She had gotten into a good college here, graduated, and found a job. Her life was uneventful and monotonous.

Seven years.

It had been seven years.

When she finally met him again, she was completely overwhelmed and the only thing she could think of was to flee, just like before.

A male voice rang out before she could leave. “We’d like some water, please.”

An Xiaxia smiled bitterly. Only then did she realize that she was playing the waitress. She stood there awkwardly for a moment before picking up the jug and filling the glasses.

She walked reluctantly to Sheng Yize and filled his glass. She could sense his cold, unmistakable gaze on her thighs.

He seemed to be sneering at her.

Come to think of it, her current outfit was indeed quite misleading…

The door then opened and an elegant young woman walked in. She wore a navy blue cheongsam and wore her hair in an exquisite chignon. She then sat down next to Sheng Yize.

“Hello, Young Master Ze.”

Sheng Yize greeted her with a nod. The two of them seemed to know each other pretty well and they began to talk in low voices.

An Xiaxia recognized the woman. She was Chu Zhiyun, the winner of “best actress of the year” and one of the top actresses in the country.

She took out her phone and was hesitating over making the phone call when the door was slammed open and Nero Zhou charged in, making a grand entrance. He quickly took some photos around the room, then tossed the camera to An Xiaxia. “Run!”

An Xiaxia: “…”

Why did she get the sense that she had been given the most stupid teammate in the world?

However, she didn’t have time to think now. She needed to get out of here with the camera…

Wait… how was she supposed to do that?

Nero Zhou was pinned to the door by the security guards who ran in after him and his yelling had made An Xiaxia a walking target. There was no way security would let her out of this room.

As for the window… they were on the 17th floor!

Nero Zhou was still giving his passionate speech. “You’re doing it for art! For your bonus! For… Ouch, guys, stop hitting me… Anan, be brave!”

An Xiaxia felt like dropping to her knees.

She removed the memory card when no one was looking and put the camera on the table. She said reluctantly, “I don’t know this man… May I leave now?”

The security guards exchanged a few looks and were going to make way for her when Nero Zhou yelled, “You heartless girl! Shouldn’t you be standing by your senior’s side and perish with me together?! How can you pretend you don’t know me?!”

“I really don’t know him…” How did such a stupid guy become their associate editor? And, no one was going to perish…

“An Xiaxia! I dare you to say that again!” Nero Zhou bellowed.

“I’m not An Xiaxia…” She had just said those words when someone chuckled behind her.

She turned around rigidly and saw Sheng Yize smiling sarcastically at her. He then waved his hand. “Everybody out. I need to talk to Miss An here in private.”