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Chapter 640: Taking Advantage of Her Like This? That’s Low

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Somehow, An Xiaxia felt… frustrated.

She smacked Qi Yanxi’s hands off her face, then wiped her forehead with her sleeve. “Fine, I know Sheng Yize is your true love! Go kiss him, then!”

Qi Yanxi suddenly flashed her a shy smile. “It’s not like I haven’t done it before.”

An Xiaxia looked petrified.

Damn… Flower Qi was really such a terrifying guy…

He put an arm over An Xiaxia’s shoulders and asked in a cocky tone, “Won’t you at least consider me as an option?”

An Xiaxia shook her head decisively. Qi Yanxi said in a sorry voice, “So, I guess we’re brother and sister for now… Sigh, if you ever change your mind, give me a call. I promise I’ll be there as quickly as I can.”

“Are you going somewhere?” Baffled, An Xiaxia forgot about her vexation.

“Yup. I can’t stay in Year 1 forever, can I? I’m 19 already. Tsk, tsk, all that time I wasted for you and Sheng Yize…” He sighed dramatically.

An Xiaxia mocked him derisively in her head: you were acting childish all by yourself and stubbornly trying to take revenge on Sheng Yize…

Pinching her cheeks, Qi Yanxi assumed a careless tone and asked, “What’s your type? Talented youths? Prodigies? Charming mature men? Or… your adorable little flower~”

He deliberately changed to a cloying voice, which gave An Xiaxia goosebumps.

“Stop! That’s enough excitement for today!”

Qi Yanxi gave her a brooding look, then said in a pensive tone, “I know your type — someone like Sheng Yize. Aloof, expressionless, never speaking their mind, and a total tsundere… Gosh! Your poor taste!”

An Xiaxia was dispirited as soon as he mentioned that name. “How is he?”

“Never better! He’s like a stud off the leash! He’s drinking, he’s having fun, and he’s going to marry Li Fanxing for the family business…” Qi Yanxi spoke his mind without hesitation and accidentally let the last bit slip.

An Xiaxia turned pale and said quietly, “That’s nice…”

“Nice my ass! Li Fanxing wants his money and he wants peace! After the word got out, the stocks of the Sheng and Li groups soared…” Qi Yanxi gritted his teeth, seemingly very disappointed with Sheng Yize. He then turned to An Xiaxia and confessed his affections. “If you were my girlfriend, I’d be the most obedient boy in the world. You can have all my money and I’d be happy to eat your leftovers.”

The suddenly affectionate words didn’t upset her, but only made her sadder.

“Are you going somewhere far away? Am I going to see you again?” An Xiaxia changed the subject.

Qi Yanxi sighed. “If only you were… a little dumber…”

He stared at An Xiaxia unblinkingly for a while, as if trying to engrave her image into his head.

“Very far away. And I probably won’t be back for a while… Wait until I come back in full glory! You’ll have to treat me to a nice dinner!” He grinned cockily, looking as unruly as ever. “Go back upstairs. It’s cold here. I’m off!”

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. Qi Yanxi then pushed her into the elevator and grinned at her, flashing eight white teeth, as he enthusiastically waved goodbye.

The smile fell off his face when the elevator doors closed, and he made his way out.

His phone rang. Looking at the name “Sheng Yize” on the screen, he smirked and picked it up.

“Taking advantage of her current state? That’s low.” Sheng Yize’s voice was as cold as ice.

“And it’s ok to not cut everything off completely?” Qi Yanxi retorted. “Be a man, for god’s sake! Get her back if you can’t let her go! Stop sneaking around!”

Sheng Yize hung up on him.

Qi Yanxi turned around, looked at a warmly lit window, and smiled a little.