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Chapter 639: Thank You for Letting Me Down (12)

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Grandpa Sheng stared at him in bewilderment, but there was nothing the old man could do.

When his grandson got stubborn, no one in this world could change his mind.

Sheng Yize left the hospital a few days later and went back home.

He went back to that apartment on his own.

The rooms were spotless. An Xiaxia had only been here a few times, but everywhere he turned, he saw traces of her.

A pair of pink bunny slippers lay in the hallway, her pajamas and dresses hung in the closet, and the fridge was filled with the snacks she liked… She had stuck the remote control under a sofa cushion and left a stack of her favorite comic books on the straw mat by the French windows, and there were still a few calligraphy copybooks in the study, which he had been making her practice her handwriting with…

Sheng Yize wanted to smash all of these things to pieces. He had already raised his hand, but put it back down again.

He changed nothing in the room, pretending that An Xiaxia still lived here. He replaced the snacks in the fridge regularly and put the comic books on the bookshelf when new issues came out. Everything that used to belong to her was still placed next to his things, as if the two of them were still as close as ever.

He grew used to this self-deceiving life after a while. His heart seemed to have gone numb from the constant pain and he began to feel nothing. He was no longer moved by anything.

It was just a woman. How important could she have been?

However, that woman was precisely the only irreplaceable being in his life.

She had once given him heartwarmingly beautiful love and her bright smile had lit up his world. She had made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Thank you for letting me down.

All the content and delight she had shown him had now become the most unbearable pain when he slept alone at night.

Everyone began to think that Sheng Yize couldn’t care less about his ex-girlfriend, for he was as rakish as ever. Whenever the subject was brought up, he would only retort calmly, “Do I have an ex-girlfriend?”

After a while, people stopped asking.

Only he himself knew that he had hidden that person in the most inaccessible corner of his heart.

No one else knew.

Qi Yanxi went to visit An Xiaxia during the Spring Festival.

The two of them began to build a snowman outside. After making a snowball, Qi Yanxi grumbled, “Is your brother abusing you? I haven’t seen you for like a month and your face is half the size of what it used to be!”

“Why is that a bad thing… All girls want to be slim.” An Xiaxia grinned. Her cheeks had turned red in the cold wind, making her look like one of those cherubic kids in Spring Festival pictures.

That woke the mischievous side of Qi Yanxi. Taking her face in his hands, he began to squeeze her cheeks.

His hands were as cold as stone, which made An Xiaxia shriek.

“Gosh! Let go of me!” An Xiaxia struggled.

Qi Yanxi pushed his palms inward, squeezing An Xiaxia’s mouth into a pout. At the sight of the glistening pink lips he had longed for all this time, he couldn’t help but swallow.

“You’re single now. Will you fall in love with me if I start doing some unspeakable things to you now?” Qi Yanxi asked out of the blue.

An Xiaxia grumbled, “Flower Qi! I dare you to fight me in the game online!”

Qi Yanxi snorted. “You know I’m not your match… Ssss, why am I getting goosebumps?”

He turned around, but only saw a few kids throwing snowballs at one another.

It was probably just in his head.

“There! Gimme a kiss!” Qi Yanxi stuck out his lips and moved closer. An Xiaxia was so vexed that she closed her eyes.

Something cool then landed on her forehead. Qi Yanxi gave her a peck on her smooth forehead, smacked his lips, and said in a defeated tone, “Damn it… You just keep reminding me of Sheng Yize. Come to think of it, Sheng Yize must have kissed you before. So would I be kissing him indirectly if I kiss you on the mouth?”