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Chapter 631: Thank You for Letting Me Down (4)

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How did that person know?!

Her flight only landed half an hour ago and Sheng Yize had taken her to his car after that. Therefore, that person had to be following her or Sheng Yize!

“Do you want to tell him the truth? Sure, go ahead. When he finds out who I am, your father and brother will go down with me. Death means nothing to me. How about you? Are you afraid of seeing your family dead? Well, you’ve already got such a wonderful boyfriend, why should you care if they live or not? You can go on living happily ever after with Sheng Yize, while your father and brother turn in their graves~”

Every single word hit An Xiaxia where it hurt.

She didn’t know what anyone else would choose, but she couldn’t give up on her family.

Sheng Yize was very capable, but would he be able to save Papa An and An Yibei in time?

If they really died…

An Xiaxia couldn’t imagine that.

She hung up rigidly, ran her fingers through her hair, and tried her best to sound normal. “Sheng Yize.”

Sheng Yize looked at her out of the corner of his eye. With most of his face hidden in shadow, she couldn’t make out the look on his face.

An Xiaxia could guess how angry he had to be.

If Sheng Yize was the one breaking up with her with such a ridiculous excuse, she would probably kick and bite and tear everything apart until she got what she wanted.

Sheng Yize, however, did none of those things. He had given her enough room, time, and opportunity.

But she was too afraid to take it. She couldn’t take it.

“I’m not as good as you think… You’re a wonderful guy. I’m sure you’ll find someone better.”

Sheng Yize gritted his teeth. “Save that ‘you’re a good man’ talk!”

An Xiaxia licked her lips, racking her brain for an excuse.

What could she say to convince him?

He was so smart. Would he see through her lies right away?

Seeing that she had gone silent again, Sheng Yize took out his phone and found the pictures in Wechat. “Did you go abroad for Yin Qinghan?”

An Xiaxia was surprised. “Where did you get those photos…”

“Did you?” Sheng Yize pressed.

An Xiaxia shook her head instinctively. However, Sheng Yize had lost his head by now and only thought that An Xiaxia was lying to him.

“Heh…” Sheng Yize found himself pathetic. “Do you like him?”

At this point, An Xiaxia only wanted to get it over with. “Not really, but he’s a nice guy.”

“And you think he’s a better choice for you?” Sheng Yize smirked.

An Xiaxia was a terrible liar. After some hesitation, she could only resolve to use body language.

She nodded.

A painful look flickered in Sheng Yize’s eyes. He reached into his pocket and found a ring there.

It was that ring from the other day.

He had gone out to pick it up after throwing it away.

From that evening until daybreak the following morning, he had searched for a whole night.

He now thought that it had been the most stupid decision.

An Xiaxia took a deep breath and opened the door on the other side. “I’m leaving. Bye.”

Sheng Yize sat in the other corner and didn’t move. When An Xiaxia was about to shut the door, he asked in a voice so small it was barely audible, “Xiaxia, do you have a heart at all?”

Eyes wet, An Xiaxia kept her silence, pretending that she hadn’t heard anything.

She then slammed the door and wiped her tears.

He would have a better life without her.

She was nothing but an unimportant traveler passing through his world.

However splendid and prosperous his future was, she would no longer be a part of it.