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Chapter 630: Thank You for Letting Me Down (3)

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Sheng Yize’s sharp gaze landed on the paper bag in her arms. In it were some skincare products, snacks, and several ties from a luxury brand.

He picked one up and smiled coldly. “A gift?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. Yin Ruge had bought them on discount and asked An Xiaxia to give them to An Yibei for her.

She hesitated, then nodded.

She had no idea what she did wrong, but Sheng Yize’s face turned frighteningly dark in that instant.

“Do you need me for something?” An Xiaxia asked reluctantly.

Sheng Yize snickered. “I can’t see you if I don’t?”

“We broke up already… I don’t think we need to see each other again.” An Xiaxia forced a smile and pretended to go back to her phone. Her wrist was then seized in a tight grip and he dragged her out of the building with one hand.

His strides were so big that An Xiaxia had to trot after him to catch up.

“Let go of me!” She struggled all the way, but to no avail.

With a thud, Sheng Yize stuffed her into the backseat of his car. Instead of taking the driver’s seat, he followed her in.

An Xiaxia felt uneasy and cringed, which only created an opportunity for Sheng Yize. He pressed her down, clutched her hands tightly, and raised them above her head.

His warm breath brushed against her cheek. “We’re breaking up just because you said so? I didn’t agree to that!”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes. Her eyes darted this way and that and she couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

“Look at me!” Sheng Yize forced her to look up by raising her chin. “Stop making excuses. Tell me, why did you really break up with me? Did someone threaten you or did something happen at home?”

An Xiaxia couldn’t free herself from his grip. Despite the tears in her eyes, she still wouldn’t speak.

Enraged, Sheng Yize press his lips to hers. The kiss had an imposing and domineering feel to it, and was extremely aggressive.

He pried her teeth open with his tongue. Rather than kissing, it felt more like a punishment. An Xiaxia felt the tip of her tongue go numb. She moaned, but he only pressed forward harder!

Before she ran out of air, Sheng Yize finally stopped. His breathing was shallow and his tone softened. Instead of his usual indifference, he sounded helpless. “Speak. Say anything. Just tell me and I’ll buy it.”

Stop torturing him like this. He was going insane.

An Xiaxia opened her mouth and almost blurted it out.

All she needed to do was tell Sheng Yize. He was so capable that she was sure he could find the person behind it…

Couldn’t he?

Just then, her phone began to ring again. She was going to pick it up when Sheng Yize snatched it away.

He hung up without hesitation after seeing the strange number on the screen.

An Xiaxia’s heart raced. Tugging at his coat, she said, “I have to call my brother…”

Sheng Yize’s face remained cold and he snorted. He wouldn’t give it back.

An Xiaxia was so anxious that she nearly cried. “Sheng Yize, I’m begging you… It’s just one phone call… please…”

She was on the verge of crying and her voice was so soft and sweet. Sheng Yize cursed loudly, tossed the phone onto her lap, and sat up, getting some fresh air from the open window.

The call went through and An Yibei spoke quickly. “Xiaxia, I was rear-ended. Wait for me at the airport. Don’t go anywhere and don’t take a taxi. I’m off.”

He hung up after briefing her. An Xiaxia sat there, petrified.

She pulled up her call log and dialed that strange number.

It was that horrible voice again. “Why won’t you follow the rules? You met him at the airport, didn’t you?”