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Chapter 626: You Reap What You Sow (3)

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Song Qingwan looked like she was going to choke. After a long pause, she gritted her teeth and said, “Who says I’m insane? Do you have any proof of that?”

An Xiaxia laughed. So, this woman had planned it out all along!

If she hadn’t played crazy back then, Sheng Yize would never have let her off the hook that easily!

After being told that Mr. Song had sent her away, An Xiaxia thought that she was getting treated somewhere. As it turned out, she was having the time of her life in another country!

“You’re right. I have no proof whatsoever. I hope your guilty conscience won’t wake you up at night, then.” An Xiaxia turned to find Yin Ruge after that.

Yin Qinghan grabbed her shoulder from behind. “Hey, An Xiaxia!”

“Mr. Yin, please behave yourself,” An Xiaxia said coldly. Yin Qinghan frowned, but let go of her in the end.

Song Qingwan never liked Yin Qinghan to begin with, but being extremely possessive as she was, she would never allow her boyfriend to have anything to do with another woman, even when she didn’t like him at all!

“Get back here!” She ran after Yin Qinghan and the two of them tussled all the way onto the stairs leading to the cabin.

Irritated, Yin Qinghan threw off her hand. It just so happened that Song Qingwan was wearing crazy high shoes and her feet slipped. Under Yin Qinghan’s surprised gaze, she fell forward into the sea!

All hell broke loose on the yacht. A couple of speedboats were sent out and teams of lifeguards jumped into the water. Song Qingwan was soon rescued.

Luckily, the water wasn’t too deep in the area and she was a good swimmer. The entire rescue operation took no more than two minutes. The only damage was her choking on some water.

However, the guests on the yacht all began to snicker and laugh at her.

Song Qingwan was furious. She asked the others to help her back to the cabin right away.

Watching the commotion from the side, An Xiaxia recalled a saying: You reap what you sow!

A moment later, she was summoned to the cabin together with Yin Qinghan.

Inside was an entirely different picture. The interior was lavishly decorated, and could put a presidential suite to shame.

Pushing the door open, she saw an urbane middle-aged man standing by the window and savouring the ocean view outside.

He turned around gracefully and asked in an indifferent tone, “Qingwan fell into the water. What happened?”

“I bumped into her by accident, Uncle Song. I’m really sorry.” Yin Qinghan bowed at Mr. Song apologetically.

Mr. Song looked past him and his gaze landed on An Xiaxia.

It gave An Xiaxia goosebumps. She could feel a storm coming.

She was right. Mr. Song waved his hand. “Qinghan, give us a minute.”

“Of course.” Yin Qinghan looked puzzled, but still left the room as instructed.

Mr. Song let out a sigh after the door was closed. “Xiaxia, I’m very disappointed in you.”

An Xiaxia sighed inwardly. She had guessed right.

“I’ve always thought of you as a kind and innocent girl, but you… Qingwan did things to you that I’m not proud of, but why can’t you forgive her? Do you want to see her killed? And aren’t you with Sheng Yize already? Why are you involved with Yin Qinghan as well? As a girl, what you’re doing is shameless! Didn’t your mother teach you anything?!” Mr. Song sounded exasperated at her failure to meet his expectations.

An Xiaxia said, “Are you done?”

“Watch your attitude!” Mr. Song was furious.

“What about the attitude you’re giving me, then? Have you at least asked around about what really happened? How do you know that Song Qingchen, no, Song Qingwan fell into the water because of me?” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. “And I’m not going to just stand here and let you call me shameless! There’s nothing between me and Yin Qinghan and everyone knows that. There’s nothing I can do if you decide to chase shadows. Plus, don’t you know that my mum died a long time ago?”