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Chapter 625: You Reap What You Sow (2)

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Sensing An Xiaxia’s surprise, Yin Ruge asked curiously, “Do you know her?”

“We’ve met a couple of times.” An Xiaxia forced a smile.

Well, since she was here already, she would just go with the flow.

She would simply ignore that woman.

“I see~ Miss Song is a celebrity here in Country F. Her background has remained an enigma and she has been very generous.” Yin Ruge shrugged. “Speaking of which, it was thanks to a distant cousin of mine that I was able to get in. Come, I’ll introduce him to you.”

She beckoned at someone a short distance away and an exceptionally handsome young man came toward them. He then nodded politely. “Good evening, Sister.”

“This is Yin Qinghan, my cousin. This is An Xiaxia.” Yin Ruge smiled.

An Xiaxia looked up at Yin Qinghan. It was such a small world.

Yin Qinghan recognized her as well. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh? Do you know my sister here?”

“Heh, she’s my old violin teacher…” An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly, while Yin Qinghan’s face lit up. “Are you going to pick up the violin again? When are you going to have a contest with me?”

Without further explanation, he grabbed An Xiaxia by her arm and said to Yin Ruge, “I’m borrowing her for a moment.”

Yin Qinghan led An Xiaxia out to the deck and stared at her with a fervent look in his eyes. “Set a time! I’m always ready!”

An Xiaxia said uneasily, “I really have given up… Go find yourself another opponent. You already are a much better player than me…”

“Shut up!” Yin Qinghan became aggressive. “You’re my opponent, how can you belittle yourself like that? Do you have no confidence in yourself or are you looking down on me?”

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. “It’s nothing like that… hm…”

She opened her eyes wide as Yin Qinghan began to unbutton his jacket.

OMG! He wasn’t going to beat her up for it, was he? Was it that big a deal?!

However, Yin Qinghan only took off his jacket to put it over An Xiaxia’s shoulders. “The wind is freezing out here. You’ll catch a cold.”

An Xiaxia only had a dress on and her teeth were already chattering. She thanked him in embarrassment and wrapped herself more tightly in the jacket.

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask, why are you here?” An Xiaxia tilted her head and asked him.

Yin Qinghan smiled coldly. “Because it’s my girlfriend’s birthday party.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia was baffled. Yin Qinghan gave her a quizzical look. “What’s so strange about that? She’s a daughter of the Song family — albeit an illegitimate one. It’ll do both of our families good if the two of us get married.”

An Xiaxia disagreed.

She chose her words carefully. “Do you… like her?”

“Like?” Yin Qinghan looked like he had just heard a joke. “That word never counts for anything in my life. I have a lot of things, but love and marriage are the two things I can’t choose myself.”

“Yin Qinghan! Why are you with her?!” An aggressive voice rang out. Song Qingwan charged at them in her high heels.

The guests passing by couldn’t help but dart curious looks at them.

Yin Qinghan said indifferently, “I thought I’m the one who decides whom I want to be with.”

“Hmph!” Song Qingwan snorted arrogantly. She then glared at An Xiaxia. “Why, Sheng Yize alone wasn’t enough for you, you have to hook up with Yin Qinghan as well? An Xiaxia, you just can’t live a day without a man, can you?”

An Xiaxia straightened her hair calmly and asked in a bland voice, “I’m more curious about another thing, actually. Why… is an officially insane person holding her birthday party in a foreign country?”