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Chapter 623: I’m Leaving You (2)

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Time seemed to stop and neither of them spoke.

An Xiaxia took a few deep breaths and repeated, “I’m leaving you.”

The grip around her waist tightened suddenly, so tight that she almost cried out in pain.

It was painful, but the pain was nothing compared to how she felt inside.

Sheng Yize sounded vexed. “An Xiaxia, can you not say that all the time? It’s not funny at all!”

“I mean it.” An Xiaxia tried her best to make her tone casual. “Look, we’re not right for each other. I’m sure we won’t be happy even if we stay together for now. I’m just a common girl. I want to graduate from high school, get into a college, and marry some common guy. I’m always on tenterhooks when I’m with you and I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster all the time. Nothing in our future is for certain. Life is just too short for me to bet on it.”

She had thought that lies were the most difficult things to tell. However, An Xiaxia realized now that if she really put her mind to it, telling a lie could be such an easy thing to do.

The two stared at each other in utter silence.

The ferris wheel stopped.

An Xiaxia pried his grip loose and jumped out first.

She only took a few steps before she walked back. She then removed the ring and handed it back to him.

She had kept her gaze away from Sheng Yize’s face this whole time, but she had to look at him now.

The teenager’s handsome face was frighteningly gloomy and he felt as cold as ice from the North Pole. Even the temperature around him seemed to have dropped.

He smiled. It was both mesmerizing and scornful.

He took the ring and enunciated each word. “I’m going to ask you again. Are you really breaking up with me?”

An Xiaxia nodded, fighting back her tears.

Sheng Yize’s hands wouldn’t stop shaking and even his voice had gone hoarse. He sniffled, almost in tears. “Stop making jokes like that. It frightens me… Just tell me what you don’t like about me. I can change them! An Xiaxia! Don’t say such things…”

Don’t leave me.

An Xiaxia couldn’t listen anymore. She turned around and walked away with tears streaking her cheeks.

The cold wind blew against her wet cheeks like knives cutting into her flesh. An Xiaxia almost felt like she was crying blood. She walked away without thinking and stubbornly wouldn’t look back.

Sheng Yize stood dazed on the spot and yelled, “Stop right there!”

An Xiaxia never stopped, neither did she turn to look back.

He gritted his teeth. “If you don’t want it, I don’t want it either!”

He threw the ring away with all his strength.

An Xiaxia cried harder. She bit the back of her hand to stop herself from making any sound.

She only began to cry loudly after she walked out of the park.

Her phone began to ring in her pocket again.

She could barely hold her phone with her shaking hands. It took her forever to pick it up.

“Good. Your father and brother are safe for now. Remember, you only have one shot. If you get back with Sheng Yize or tell him about this, nothing will happen to you, but your family will be killed at once!” The person chuckled insidiously.

An Xiaxia had no idea when the person hung up. She wiped her tears with her sleeves, but they just kept coming until the sleeves of her cotton-padded coat were soaked.

She hailed a taxi and hurried back home.

An Yibei’s car arrived at the same time.

He was anxious when he found An Xiaxia crying. Hurrying out of the car, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia looked at him with red eyes and forced a smile. “Brother… Let’s live somewhere else.”