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Chapter 619: Marry Me (7)

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An Xiaxia had a rather unique train of thought and she sounded like a little penny pincher as she asked, “Is block booking very expensive? How much braised pork and sweet and sour spare ribs can we buy with all that money…”

Sheng Yize: … Having a glutton for a girlfriend is really… how should I put it…

“No, it’s not. This amusement park belongs to one of my buddies and he gave me a 50% discount.” Sheng Yize bamboozled her without so much as blinking an eye. “Come. I’ll show you around.”

An Xiaxia calculated the number on both hands. 50% off? That must be a lot of braised pork~

Yippie! She scampered into the park.

They were in such a hurry last time that they only rode the ferris wheel. Today, Sheng Yize was able to take An Xiaxia on all sorts of rides and she smiled the whole time.

After each ride, the staff would give An Xiaxia a badge, each with a different letter on them.

“What’s this for?” she asked curiously.

The staff smiled at her. “Collect all the badges and you’ll get a most wonderful wish~”

An Xiaxia lost interest right away and handed the badges to Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize, who had come up with this elaborate plan, was hurt by her reaction. He gritted his teeth and put the badges in his coat pocket.

Why on earth had he fallen in love with this little dumb glutton?!

By the time the afternoon arrived, An Xiaxia was already tired of the place. She tugged at Sheng Yize’s sleeve and said, “I want to go home.”

“Huh? I thought you like the amusement park.”

“But we’re the only customers here today and the atmosphere just isn’t right!” An Xiaxia pouted. “I want to go home to my comics and games, then take a shower and go to bed!”

Sheng Yize was speechless. There were more surprises to come that evening! No, he couldn’t let this dummy leave!

“Well, you can watch TV here, too.” He took out his phone and dialed a number. A moment later, the largest LED screen in the park began to play… Sesame Street.

Sheng Yize almost dropped his phone. He dialed the number again. “Play something else.”

The program changed to a Japanese cartoon. An Xiaxia sat down on the bench and watched with great interest.

Next to her, Sheng Yize was utterly frustrated.

An Xiaxia got tired and fell asleep on his shoulder. He stroked her hair carelessly and waited for nightfall, which felt like an eternity away.

An Xiaxia successfully slept all the way into the evening. When she woke up, she found herself wrapped in Sheng Yize’s coat, while the owner himself sat there with a hopeless look in his eyes. He let out a breath of relief when he saw her wake up.

“Let’s go for a ride on the ferris wheel.” He took her hand, but An Xiaxia said in the nasal tone of someone who had just woken up, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Caw, caw, caw —

She had just won herself the prize for “mood-killer of the year”!

Sheng Yize smacked his forehead. “Hurry up!”


A few minutes later, Sheng Yize finally took her up in one of the compartments of the ferris wheel, together with the last badge.

They sat down and Sheng Yize handed her the badges. “Arrange them in order.”

An Xiaxia darted a look at them. “It’s too complicated. I can’t be bothered.”

Sheng Yize so felt like punching the wall!

Luckily, he managed to control his frustration and arranged the letters in order himself. He then showed them to An Xiaxia. “Look!”

The letters made up a sentence: Z. Love. X. Forever!

“Who’s Z and who’s X? That’s so romantic!” An Xiaxia still had no idea what this was about.

Sheng Yize couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled her onto his lap and covered her mouth with his!

You dummy! I’m gonna eat you up!

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia tried to push him away. Sheng Yize’s eyes flickered. He then ripped his tie from her hair and bound her wrists together!