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Chapter 616: Marry Me (4)

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The older, the wiser. Realization dawned on Papa An first, and he chuckled. “Yize, that was a very nice way to put it…”

An Xiaxia was completely baffled. Sheng Yize held her hand tight and said earnestly, “I will marry Xiaxia! I’m here to ask for her hand!”

“You brat! You had this all planned out!” An Yibei’s face was so dark that he looked murderous. Papa An then stopped him. “Why, I’m a little dizzy.”

Both An Yibei and An Xiaxia were anxious. “Is it serious? Shall we go to the hospital?”

“That’s ok. I just need to lie down,” said Papa An weakly. An Yibei then anxiously helped him upstairs.

Papa An blinked at Sheng Yize when he walked past the latter. The look in his eyes turned very affectionate when his gaze landed on An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize understood Papa An’s kindness right away and he tightened his grip on An Xiaxia’s hand.

An Xiaxia was very bashful. “Who says I’m going to marry you… I won’t do it!”

“I’m your family’s savior. Without me, you and your brother would probably be crying your eyes out now.” Sheng Yize crossed his arms casually and said, “Just say that you’re mine. We can settle the account ‘physically.’ How nice would that be…”

“Like hell! You dog!” An Xiaxia looked like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She ran off with her face between her palms, but Sheng Yize caught up with her quickly and wrapped his arms tightly around her from behind.

They were on the stairs and An Xiaxia didn’t dare struggle, fearing that they might fall off.

She was so nervous that she stuttered. “Sheng Yize… b- behave yourself!”

“I am,” Sheng Yize whispered. “I’ve always liked you wholeheartedly.”

I wholeheartedly love you, dote on you, and want to marry you.

“Ahem.” At the top of the stairs, An Yibei, who had helped Papa An to bed, cleared his throat. An Xiaxia shook off Sheng Yize’s arms like a frightened bird and fled to her room.

Sheng Yize straightened his clothes and looked An Yibei in the eye.

He stood on a lower level, but he didn’t look any weaker.

“Thank you for what you did for my father.” An Yibei thanked him. “As for whether or not my sister will marry you, heh…”

Sheng Yize’s face looked rather melancholy now. One Papa An down, and one overprotective brother to go. What should he do now?

Hm… Why on earth did overprotective brothers exist in the first place?!

The Li family.

Li Canxing hummed a tune and mocked her sister relentlessly. “I almost feel sorry for you. All your efforts that became all for nothing under a single threat. Such a waste.”

“Hmph! You know nothing!” Li Fanxing raised her chin arrogantly. “At least I now know where Sheng Yize’s soft spot is… It’s An Xiaxia. He’s so meticulous that it’s impossible to get to him when he’s level-headed. Once I have an opportunity to make him lose control…”

She lowered her head and couldn’t hide the hatred in her eyes at the thought of her grandpa’s suicide note which she had forged herself.

The note said that the old man had taken sleeping pills. He was then anaesthetized for the operation, which then led to his death from an overdose.

This way, both Papa An and that doctor were deemed innocent.

The murder charge would naturally be dropped.

If she couldn’t force An Xiaxia out even by doing this, there was only one option left.

An Xiaxia had to leave willingly.

Time flew by. Soon, it was the winter vacation.

An Xiaxia had gotten satisfactory grades in the past few monthly exams, and for the finals, she received a personal historic high score.

She went to flaunt it in front of Sheng Yize. “Look, I’m awesome!”

The top student in the school struggled to play along. “Wow… that’s awesome. I have a surprise for you…”