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Chapter 612: Break Up With Him (4)

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Sheng Yize gave him a “you know nothing, Qi Yanxi” look and prompted, “Stop bullshitting around! Light a cigarette and make some noise!”

Both of them were slightly surprised right after he said that.

Back when they had been abroad in the elite school together, this used to be exactly how they did things when they wanted to do something very naughty and inappropriate…

Sheng Yize was the planner and Qi Yanxi the muscle. Afterwards, they would have a good laugh together in some secret corner.

But neither of them were the melodramatic type. They only paused for a brief moment before briskly moving into action.

Qi Yanxi lit a cigarette to ignite the fuse. Sheng Yize then tossed the whole thing into the courtyard of the house. Instantly, deafening crackling sounds filled the air.

Sheng Yize only stopped after he had thrown a few sets in. Even with his hands over his ears, Qi Yanxi feared that he was going deaf. He thought Sheng Yize had stopped because the latter had been stung by his conscience. However, he then heard Sheng Yize’s methodical instruction. “That’s enough firecrackers from this angle. We’ll throw them right outside their windows now!”

Qi Yanxi almost felt like kneeling down to express his admiration.

He had no doubt that had the windows been open, Sheng Yize wouldn’t have hesitated to throw the firecrackers onto their beds…

With all the noise they were making, the Li family couldn’t play dead anymore. Everyone in the house had been woken up by the startling noise and even security had filed out, but they were then all subdued by Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi!

In the end, they had no choice but to send the butler himself out. “Why, Young Master Sheng, Young Master Qi, you’re here! Do come in!”

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi brushed the imaginary dust off their palms and entered the house with perfect composure.

Father Li and his two daughters had all been woken up and were sitting in the living room. Seeing the two of them come in, Father Li couldn’t hold back his anger. “If you two want to celebrate the Spring Festival early, find yourself a spot with no one else around! Why are you doing this to harmless people like us? I know the Sheng and Qi families are powerful and well-connected, but that doesn’t mean you can do such a ridiculous thing!”

Qi Yanxi apologized with an innocent expression. “Uncle, it’s all our fault. Sorry for waking you up. But I wanted to talk to my dear ex-girlfriend, who wouldn’t answer my phone calls. I really didn’t have any choice.”

Father Li frowned and turned to Li Fanxing.

He knew that this daughter of his had been up to something these days, but he hadn’t paid much attention. How had she pissed off this troublesome duo?

“What?! You should be honored that Young Master Qi wants to talk to you at all. How can you be so rude?” Father Li reprimanded. Li Fanxing gritted her teeth. Of course she couldn’t see him, with what she had done!

“Dad, we’ll talk in private… Please go get some rest.” Her father was the person Li Fanxing respected and admired the most. Even when he scolded her, she didn’t dare refute him.

Father Li stormed off back to his bedroom, while Li Canxing stayed behind to enjoy the show.

“Li Fanxing, you’re behind the case of Xiaxia’s father, aren’t you?” Qi Yanxi was very blunt. “I’m warning you! Cut it out or I’ll chop you to pieces!”

Li Fanxing straightened her pajamas and leaned back against the sofa. “Do you have any proof of that? Why is everything my fault? Am I that evil to you?”

“Just admit it!” Qi Yanxi felt like punching her in the face, but Sheng Yize stopped him.

He approached Li Fanxing, then sat down beside her. Li Fanxing put on an alluring face and winked at Sheng Yize, which made Qi Yanxi’s stomach turn.

Sheng Yize lifted her chin, his face expressionless. Li Fanxing was delighted by this move. She then slid into Sheng Yize’s lap like a snake.

“Now you begin to cherish me?” She giggled.

Sheng Yize grinned as well. His fingers then moved down from her chin to her neck. “It’s ok if you won’t cut Xiaxia’s father loose. I can always… take you down with me!”