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Chapter 611: Break Up With Him (3)

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An Xiaxia moved away from his touch. This An Yibei in front of her was frighteningly strange.

That irrepressible guy had been utterly defeated.

“Brother… I…” An Xiaxia choked on her sobs and An Yibei’s hand froze in midair as he looked into her eyes.

Outside, the moon was bright and there weren’t many stars. The moonlight poured in, the color as soft as water in a lagoon.

An Yibei drew back his hand and sat on the floor, leaning against the bed. He gave off a dispirited air.

His breathing was shallow and irregular. He tried his best to bring it back to normal, which took him a long while. His voice was still tremulous when he spoke again. “I’m sorry.”

For as long as An Xiaxia could remember, An Yibei had always been this nonchalant person to the point of being obstinate. Even when he did something wrong, he would never apologize. Instead, he would butter her up and make her forgive him willingly.

But now, he was saying sorry.

How hopeless must he feel to say that?

“Don’t apologize to me. It’s not your fault…” An Xiaxia reached out to tug at his shirt. An Yibei chuckled. “The hell with being an elite lawyer… the hell with bosom friends… how f**ked up is this world!” Agitated, he swore, which was very rare for him.

An Xiaxia cried as he kept berating himself. “I… I’m calling Sheng Yize now… Brother, please don’t make me break up with him… I – I know he’ll come up with something… He’s that awesome. I’m sure of it…”

She fumbled her phone out while An Yibei watched in silence.

It didn’t go through. A voice told her that the number she had dialed was switched off.

Defeated, An Xiaxia put her phone back. An Yibei then pulled her into his arms and let her wipe her eyes and nose on his creased shirt.

“Don’t cry… It’s my fault. I was too hot-headed. I won’t make you do anything.” He consoled An Xiaxia in a low voice.

He thought his heart was going to break when he saw his sister cry.

How could he make such a ridiculous request, asking his sister to break up with her boyfriend?

When An Xiaxia was in pain, the pain he felt was magnified a hundred times.

Had he not been this useless, things wouldn’t have turned out this way.

An Xiaxia lay her cheek against his shoulder and eventually fell asleep, exhausted by all the crying. An Yibei gently put her back on her bed and went to the bathroom to wet a hot towel to clean her face.

He glanced at the mirror in passing when he put the towel back. The man looking back at him had bloodshot eyes and had never looked more sorry.

Sheng Yize was tied up with this business until well past midnight. He had even met with the family of that doctor, who stubbornly refused to drop the case.

He was certain that Li Fanxing was behind this. Without hesitation, he drove to the Li family home.

It was after two in the morning when he got there.

Also in his car was Qi Yanxi, who had volunteered to come.

Qi Yanxi went to press the doorbell, but no one answered. Sheng Yize looked as if he had expected it all along. He opened the trunk and took out a pile of firecrackers.

“Nice move!” Qi Yanxi gave him a thumbs up.

“Cut the crap. Light them up.”

The two then put the firecrackers down and lit them up. Immediately, the air was filled with the explosive and crackling noise of firecrackers.

“Damn. These people can actually sleep through that?” Qi Yanxi said sarcastically as he glanced at the front gate, which was still shut tight.

Sheng Yize smirked, then calmly took out another pile of firecrackers.

They were the special ones for the Spring Festival — they came with 2000 crackers!

“Shit! You’re sick! This thing is worse than a nuclear head!