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Chapter 605: An Xiaxia, Don’t Blame Me

As An Xiaxia watched in astonishment, Mu Li stumbled down the stairs. Panic-stricken, she looked over her shoulder a few times, but never once did she… stop running.

Downstairs, Qi Yanxi’s driver was waiting for her, and was curious to see her come out like this. “Xiao Mu, are you alright?”

Mu Li only chuckled. “I’m fine. I was just startled by a cockroach.”

“Oh, I see.” The driver took her word for it. He then remembered the task their young master had given them and asked attentively, “Have you delivered the gift as Young Master asked?”

Mu Li’s heart hardened at the thought of that and the expression on her face turned cold. “I have. Please take me back now.”


An Xiaxia, don’t blame me.

You had it coming.

Upstairs, An Xiaxia’s face was streaked with tears.

Critical situations like this would make anyone flustered.

An Xiaxia took a few deep breaths, scrambled to the coffee table on all fours, and called 120 on the landline.

Her hand was trembling so much that she pressed the wrong number several times.

When the call finally went through, she told them her home address. She then called An Yibei.

The ambulance soon arrived and Papa An was carried down the stairs. An Xiaxia followed him into the ambulance as she told herself repeatedly:_ Don’t cry, not now, I won’t allow it._

Once they arrived at the hospital, Papa An was sent to the ER. As it turned out, it wasn’t anything serious. With his age, his minor heart problem, and the fact that he was frail and had had a lot on his mind lately, his body hadn’t been able to handle it and he passed out.

Thousand Island Law Firm.

An Yibei poured two cups of tea and handed one to a middle-aged woman.

She wore thrift clothes and her round moon face was greasy and covered in pimples. Her beady eyes kept darting around, giving her a mean look.

“… Poor woman. Her good looks didn’t get her anywhere. Women are only treasure when men think they are. If not, it doesn’t matter how pretty their faces are! Wives are never as attractive as mistresses…”

An Yibei adjusted his glasses and cut her off. “What are you here to see me for?”

The woman straightened her back. She then recalled her flabby stomach and tried her best to suck in her tummy. Raising her chin, she said, “Zhong Yue’s husband’s name came back to me the other day. I think it was… what was it again…”

An Yibei glanced at her coldly. “What do you want?”

The woman didn’t expect to hear such a blunt question. She was dazed for a couple of seconds before she rubbed her thumb and index fingers together. “A hundred thousand…”

“Heh…” An Yibei smirked. “A hundred thousand for a name? You sure know how to make demands!”

“But haven’t you been looking for it a long time…” The woman looked uneasy. An Yibei couldn’t be bothered to lift his eyelids. “I still have work to do. Please show yourself out.”

The woman was flustered. “I don’t really need that much… How about fifty thousand? Thirty will do!”

An Yibei didn’t move a muscle. Negotiation was all about confidence.

The woman was already panicking, which was to his great advantage.

He smiled a little and looked expectantly at her.

His phone vibrated at that moment and the number on it was his house landline. His heart raced. Picking it up, he heard An Xiaxia’s voice on the other end. Her teeth were chattering. “Brother… Dad fainted and I’ve called the nearest hospital. Do, do come… with money…”

He bolted to his feet and said in a steady voice, “Don’t panic! I’ll be right there!”

An Yibei grabbed his suit and briefcase, ready to leave. The woman felt cornered and yelled, “I’ll tell you the name now! Just give me whatever you see fit! That man’s name was… was Song Huan!”