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Chapter 603: We’re Not Friends Anymore

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An Xiaxia blushed right away!

Oh god! There was someone else on the rooftop!

Had that person been watching the whole time while she and Sheng Yize were kissing?!

No!!! Was there still time for her to jump off this roof?

Unlike his flustered girlfriend, Sheng Yize was perfectly composed. He pulled An Xiaxia into his arms and said calmly, “I don’t think a peeping Tom is in the right position to say that.”

An Xiaxia realized right away: He was right! What was wrong with this person? Spying on them, then calling them disgusting?

She turned around and glanced at the person.

Boom —

An Xiaxia felt like she had been electrocuted.

Mu Li! It was Mu Li!

She held a notebook in her hands and her long hair flapped in the wind. She stared at An Xiaxia with the most malicious look, as if she was trying to drill a hole through her skin!

An Xiaxia broke into a cold sweat. Mu Li looked so terrifying now!

She no longer tried to hide her good looks and began to wear nicer clothes. Despite her attractive features, there was something so humorless about her that one couldn’t help but feel repulsed.

“You disturbed my peace first! Heh, An Xiaxia, I never knew you had this side… Didn’t you hook up with Qi Yanxi? Why are you getting intimate with Sheng Yize here? Are you that thirsty?” With her sharp tongue, Mu Li now reminded one of a cactus.

An Xiaxia was flabbergasted. “Mu Li… Why?”

Why are you like this now?

Listen to those vulgar and venomous words! What happened to that girl as pretty as an orchid in a secluded valley?

Sheng Yize frowned. “We disturbed you? Is this your place? Do you hear yourself? You’re rude and you spread groundless rumours. How are you any different from those people talking about you behind your back?”

Mu Li avoided the more difficult question. “If it’s not mine, then is it yours? Have you signed the rooftop? Do you have any proof?”

Sheng Yize smiled, which was almost too dazzling to watch. “I’m the proof.”

His imposing aura spread out, which made Mu Li’s legs give out. She stumbled back despite herself.

Snap —

A gust of wind blew her draft paper into the air. Many were blown off the roof, but one page happened to land at An Xiaxia’s feet.

[An Xiaxia, die!]

The red ink reminded her of blood and the paper had been ripped through with the tip of a pen, which was a demonstration of her hatred!

An Xiaxia’s heart sank and she had never felt this sad.

Sheng Yize saw it, too. His face turned stern and he charged at Mu Li.

Suddenly, a pair of small hands grabbed his shirt. He turned around with a frown and saw An Xiaxia smile at him sadly. “You don’t have to stand up for me. Let me talk to her myself.”

She walked past Sheng Yize and went up to Mu Li.

A hint of an evasive and regretful look flickered in Mu Li’s eyes, but just for a fleeting moment. Her impassive expression then returned.

“So, you’ve found out. Heh… how are you going to take revenge on me now? Ask Sheng Yize to beat me up? Or have Qi Yanxi kick me out? Apart from depending on men, what else do you have?” Mu Li’s tone was bitterly jealous.

Tears began to rush to An Xiaxia’s eyes. She took a deep breath and said slowly, “I have my friends, my family, my dream… I have so much more — things you’ve seen but pretend you haven’t! I have no idea how I’ve offended you to make you hate me this much, but my conscience is clear. I’ve never done anything to you!”

“Heh… just keep telling yourself that,” Mu Li said scornfully.

That was all that An Xiaxia could say to her. She smiled and fought back bitter tears. “Mu Li, we’re not friends anymore.”