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Chapter 602: Oh My Heart~

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An Xiaxia was pinned to the wall. She couldn’t escape or dodge, and could only endure his wrath.


The kiss was unbelievably long, passionate, and desperate.

It seemed forever when Sheng Yize finally let go of her. He then enunciated his reply. “I’m not angry, but I. Am. Jealous!”

What? Lord Jealousy had just admitted it himself? OMG!

An Xiaxia’s face wrinkled up. “Of what?”

Sheng Yize tossed her his phone, in a manner that said, “The evidence is all there. Kneel and beg my forgiveness!”

An Xiaxia tapped it open and snapped. “It wasn’t a kiss! It wasn’t a kiss! It wasn’t a kiss! Is three times enough to deny it? Momo was there the whole time! Or you can go ask Xiao Yan yourself!”

Sheng Yize leaned on the wall, looked away, and resumed his impassive expression. He just wouldn’t speak to her.

“Hey…” An Xiaxia tugged his sleeve. She then stood on her toes in resignation and kissed him on his lips.

“That’s a kiss!”

A breeze brushed against their skin. They could feel the softness and warmth of each other’s lips.

Sheng Yize pressed his hand to the back of her head, turned the situation around, and initiated a kiss himself, which lasted for another long moment…

After they were done, An Xiaxia had tears in her eyes. Her lips had gone red and swollen from that ravishing kiss.

She gave Sheng Yize an angry punch. “What’s wrong with you? I’m not talking to you if you’re this unreasonable again!”

“Then you can’t talk to him again.”

“You’re such a child…”



Sheng Yize was pleased. He rubbed her head and gave her a box.

“What is it?” An Xiaxia opened it curiously and found a few lipsticks inside.

Sheng Yize, you cunning thing! You’re giving me gifts now!

“According to the internet, this is just another strategy. I won’t forgive you just because you bought me something!” Despite what she said, An Xiaxia was secretly over the moon!

Sheng Yize replied, “So, according to the strategy… am I supposed to tell you that ‘it’s your turn to give me back that lipstick a little bit at a time’?”

The handsome teenager had just flirted with her with a perfectly straight face. An Xiaxia was completely enchanted!

She blushed and lowered her head.

Lub – dub – lub – dub — her heart was racing.

Aww~ Oh my heart! Stop it!

However, what Sheng Yize said next shattered all her fantasies.

“Although, I don’t think we’ll be needing these. I think the color right now is quite pretty.” He smiled teasingly, caressing her lips with his slightly callused fingertips.

“You scoundrel!”

Sheng Yize smiled, almost forgetting about the whole thing with the video.

The atmosphere was so nice now that it seemed the perfect time to do something…

He reached into his pocket and his fingers touched an exquisite box there. His voice turned deeper. “Xiaxia, I’m the one feeling insecure.”

I’m so afraid that you’ll leave and that you won’t be around.

An Xiaxia looked as if she had just heard a joke. “Who are you kidding? You’re so remarkable, I worry that you’ll run off with someone else all the time!”

Sheng Yize’s dark eyes flickered like stars in an inky sky.

His voice was mesmerizing. “Since we’re both insecure, how about we do something that will make both of us feel less like that…”

An Xiaxia had been with him long enough not to jump into the trap right away. Instead, she pondered on it, then refused him decisively. “Forget it! I’m not having a baby with you!”

Sheng Yize’s hand stopped halfway from taking that box out of his pocket.

A resentful voice then came from a corner of the roof. “Are you two done? You’re so disgusting.”