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Chapter 597: I Can Turn You Into A Star

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“This girl is perfect for the female protagonist of the original novel! She’s a little adorkable alright, but so is the character in the book!”

“She can play the second lead role, too. Don’t you think she looked spectacular when she was singing? It was definitely the result of learning music from childhood!”

“That’s so true! Replace Li Fanxing! Her face makes my stomach turn!”


The Li family.

Li Fanxing threw her phone again after reading those comments!

The brand new iPhone XS hit the floor and the screen cracked.

Li Canxing walked past holding a glass of juice. She snickered when she saw the state her sister was in. “Didn’t you smash one just the other day? You’re awfully peevish these days.”

“Li Canxing, put that gloating smile away!” Li Fanxing shrieked. “If I’m not happy, no one will be!”

The Li sisters had never gotten along well. Not twisting the knife in the wound was already the nicest thing Li Canxing would offer, and she wouldn’t even begin to consider consoling her sister. She scrolled down her Weibo page as she gracefully sipped her juice. All of a sudden, she let out a cry of surprise. “Your show really has switched people out! Why, you’ve been replaced, my dear sister~”

Li Canxing deliberately showed the news to her sister. Li Fanxing took a look and thought her head was going to explode!

The announcement on the official Weibo account of “My Youth” read: Guys, one of our actresses, Li Fanxing, will be leaving us, owing to ill health~ Her role will be taken over by a new actress, @XiaoXue~

She had been replaced! They had done it!

Li Canxing was laughing inwardly at Li Fanxing’s fury. She offered her insincere consolation. “There, there. At least they made up a proper excuse for you. Just stay at home and ‘get well~’”

She scuttled upstairs, leaving Li Fanxing behind to smash everything within her reach.

After the change in actress, the followers still weren’t content. They left comments under that Weibo post, begging the show to give An Xiaxia a part, even if it was just as an extra.

The director contacted An Xiaxia a few times after that, but An Xiaxia turned him down every single time.

Su Xiaomo teased her at school. “Xiaxia, I never thought you had this potential in you! You have my vote! I say you should become an actress and take every role Li Fanxing tries to get. I’d like to see her face then!”

An Xiaxia was speechless. “I’m not going to change the course of my life because of her. I’ll work hard and get into the same university as Sheng Yize~”

“I don’t mean to be blunt, but seriously, Xiaxia, do you really think you can get into the same university as him?” Su Xiaomo’s tone was sincere and earnest. “With his grades, he can easily get into Tsinghua or PKU, or even universities abroad. Whereas you, can you even get into a second tier one?”

Crestfallen, An Xiaxia dropped her head on the table. After some thought, she cheered up again. “That’s ok. If he goes to PKU, I can try a second or third tier university nearby~”

“You’re an optimist…”

“What are you guys talking about?” At the deep and pleasant male voice, An Xiaxia looked up to see Sheng Yize walk toward them with his school bag over his shoulder.

The morning sunlight shone on him, accentuating his finely chiseled features. He looked as stunning as a deity descending to earth.

“We’re talking about Xiaxia’s sudden fame! Idol Yize, how about you go back into showbiz to start a new career and take Xiaxia with you. A golden couple sounds great!”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and turned to An Xiaxia, his tone lazy. “I didn’t know you could sing that well.”

An Xiaxia smiled obsequiously. “No, no. It’s nothing compared with your singing. You’re a singer with multiple albums!”

Sheng Yize hummed in reply, then asked in a languid voice, “Do you want to get into showbiz? I can turn you into a star!”