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Chapter 587

: A Tiger in a Pig’s Costume (1)

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Su Xiaomo grabbed his sleeve and looked up at him, her eyes flickering with admiration.

Had she drawn too many romantic comics? Why did this feel so sweet? Even if she knew she looked stupid, she couldn’t help but giggle.

He Jiayu was… so handsome…

Wild Curly Hair put on a long face. “No, please don’t! I was just kidding… Flower on Street, please finish your work! The magazine is off to be printed tomorrow afternoon and without your new release, your readers will set our office on fire!”

She looked as if she was going to kneel down, which made Su Xiaomo feel sorry for her. With a hand on her forehead, Su Xiaomo said, “Fine, I’ll finish it…”

“You’re the best!” Wild Curly Hair was elated. She then gave He Jiayu a wondering look. “And this is…”

“Oh, my boyfriend,” Su Xiaomo said matter-of-factly.

Her editor was shocked. “Get out of here! How does an otaku woman like you get a boyfriend? Let alone such a good-looking one… He looks so much like that celebrity… that one from that group…”

She paused at those words and took a closer look at He Jiayu. She then shrieked and covered her mouth.

“You can’t be him, can you?”

Su Xiaomo wrapped her arms around his and admitted it openly, “Yup~ Don’t be too jealous of me~”

He Jiayu was very pleased with her reaction and the corners of his mouth curled up.

“Come in. Let’s talk.” Su Xiaomo made way to let her editor in.

Her editor was shocked a second time when she saw the reborn interior of the flat.

“I see you got a great cleaning lady this time.” She was amazed.

Su Xiaomo cleared her throat awkwardly. “The handsome guy here did all this.”

Her editor: …

“This is my boyfriend, He Jiayu. And this is my editor from Mingyao Comics Publishing House, ‘Kite Over the Moon.’” Su Xiaomo introduced them and the two nodded at each other in greeting.

“I envy you youngsters nowadays so much…”

“Teehee~” Su Xiaomo held her cheeks in her hands, drooling over He Jiayu’s handsome face.

He Jiayu smiled gently, then rubbed her head affectionately.

Kite pressed her hand to her chest. “No wonder the recent chapters have been so lovey-dovey… so this is the reason… well, I’ll leave you in peace. Just send your work to my email after you’re done.”


She rose to her feet and was about to leave when He Jiayu called after her, “One moment, please.”

“Hm?” Kite turned around, confused. He Jiayu then gave her a smile that could almost be called sly.

Su Xiaomo busied herself with her drawing and didn’t know what those two talked about. She glanced at Kite when she left and thought her editor looked like she was on the verge of crying.

Su Xiaomo yawned and looked defeatedly at her tablet.

She was never going to finish today.

She was staring blankly into the air when her hands became empty — He Jiayu had snatched the tablet away.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Su Xiaomo yelled.

He Jiayu checked his watch. “It’s ten o’clock and you should go to bed.”

“Like hell! I’m not done yet!”


He Jiayu’s voice seemed to have magic in it and before Su Xiaomo realized… she acquiesced.

After washing up, she lay in bed and He Jiayu came to tuck her in, explaining, “I talked with Kite. You’re still a student and don’t have that much time. From now on, your comic will be updated bimonthly instead of weekly.”

Su Xiaomo’s eyes lit up. “Really? You’re awesome! How am I going to repay you…”

He Jiayu’s eyes seemed to turn darker. “That proposal to make me yours? Is that still on?”

Su Xiaomo: …!!! He didn’t mean it, did he?