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Chapter 586: You Can Have My Everything

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I. Will. Support. You.

Those words repeated themselves in her head over and over again.

Without warning, Su Xiaomo was moved…

Before this, what she felt for He Jiayu was probably limited to coveting his good looks. However, at that moment, she was struck by the notion that she wanted this man for the rest of her life.

Of course, it was only for a fleeting moment. She immediately put up her smiling armor again. “How much will you give me, then?”


“You know what? Smart, lovely, and pretty girlfriends like me are very hard to come by these days. You should be very generous, or I may run off with someone else!” Su Xiaomo grinned. He Jiayu smacked his forehead, then took out both bank cards from his wallet and stuffed them into Su Xiaomo’s hand.

“All yours. The password is my birthday.”

Su Xiaomo batted her eyelashes, unable to process the situation.

“What’s wrong?” He Jiayu waved his hand in front of her eyes. She then snapped out of her daze and looked at the cards.

They were real!

“Is there money in them?” she asked suspiciously.

He Jiayu smiled in resignation. “There’s more than enough to support you. Take them.”

“These are principal cards, aren’t they? What about you?”

“It’s ok. I can use the supplementary ones.” He Jiayu put it lightly. “You’re now holding all that I have. Feeling secure enough yet?”

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded. Had he just given her all he had?!

The idea startled her and she smacked He Jiayu on his forehead. “Are you an idiot? How can you give all you have to a girlfriend? You’ll be bankrupt!”

What a wastrel! Hmph!

He Jiayu didn’t see that coming and said with grievance, “You’re the only one I’m giving them to.”

Su Xiaomo: (⊙v⊙)

Then: (^o^)/

Finally: (≧▽≦)/

OMG! That totally melted that tough girl heart of hers! Awww!

While she was still overwhelmed by excitement, there was a knock at the door. He Jiayu asked, “Is that Xiaxia?”

“I don’t think so. She always calls before coming here. I think it’s the delivery guy.” Su Xiaomo struggled to keep her excitement at bay.

He Jiayu went to answer the door. The moment the door was opened, a woman with wild curly hair ranted, “Flowers on Street! Submit your draft now or I’ll tear this place apart! Don’t make me reach for my knife!”

Only after that did she realize that the person who had answered the door was… an extremely handsome man.

Ahem … Hello, wrong flat. I’m sorry.” Wild Curly Hair gave a 90-degree bow and promptly turned to leave. However, she only made it a few steps before she walked back, checked the number, and said, “No… this is the right place.”

He Jiayu smiled mildly. “May I ask who you’re looking for?”

“Who is it —” Su Xiaomo shuffled over. However, she hid behind He Jiayu the moment she spotted the woman. “Um… Cutie He, help… I’m so scared…”

He Jiayu frowned. Despite his harmless demeanor, there was something resolute about him.

What sort of person could scare Su Xiaomo?

Wild Curly Hair began to roar again when she saw Su Xiaomo. “What the hell! Where is your work for this week?!”

“I – I’ll stay up all night to finish it…”

Nothing in this world scared Su Xiaomo like her editor did.

He Jiayu shielded her behind him and asked quietly, “What will happen if she breaks her contract?”

“Something very bad!” the woman bluffed.

“I’ll take full responsibility for whatever the consequences are. Now, please leave.” He Jiayu smiled, which made the woman shudder.