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Chapter 584: Cutie, Be Mine

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An Xiaxia suddenly felt like crying.

Kang Jian didn’t want to linger. With a wave of his hand, he left with his bag over one shoulder.

An Xiaxia turned around, resting her forehead on Sheng Yize’s shoulder.

She trembled slightly and it wasn’t long before her tears soaked Sheng Yize’s shirt.

But she didn’t call after Kang Jian, nor did Kang Jian once look back.

Sheng Yize patted her on the back, comforting her in silence.

All of a sudden, he began to envy the friendship between An Xiaxia and Kang Jian.

He remembered when he had first met them at the An cafe. The two goofy friends had been dancing around the bar counter, both unbridled and both smiling broadly.

Even when they parted now, they said their goodbyes with a smile, not letting the other see their tears.

“It was his own decision. We should understand him,” said Sheng Yize in a low voice.

An Xiaxia choked with sobs. “I know… I know…”

She had no right to urge him to stay, nor could she capriciously make the decision for Kang Jian.

“Don’t take this the wrong way. There’s nothing between me and Worthless Kang… but I’m so sad now that he’s leaving… Momo, him, and I grew up together… I…” An Xiaxia kept sobbing and couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

Sheng Yize sighed. “I know, I know… Come, let’s go home now.”

Quite a few students coming out of school were already darting curious looks at them. If he didn’t take An Xiaxia away now, rumors would be all over the school tomorrow.

He Jiayu helplessly pedaled the bike home with Su Xiaomo sitting on the back.

He lowered his cap. It wasn’t that he was afraid of being recognized as a celebrity, but… the bike was goddamn pink!

Could someone please tell him why a tough girl like Su Xiaomo had a pink bike? A big man like him on a pink bike wasn’t a pretty picture at all!

“Quickly! You’re so slow! Let’s switch seats, if that’s the case!” Su Xiaomo licked at the lollipop she had stolen from An Xiaxia, her legs kicking back and forth.

He Jiayu was speechless. He reached back with a hand and accurately caught Su Xiaomo’s, as if he had eyes in the back of his head. He then put her hand on his waist.

“Sit still.”

The succinct instruction gave Su Xiaomo butterflies in her stomach.

She held He Jiayu by his waist, feeling the muscles flex under her fingers. There wasn’t any excess fat, which made her pinch him in envy.

“Have you ever been fat?”

The bike swerved in an “S” and He Jiayu cleared his throat. “Don’t do that. It tickles…”

Su Xiaomo acted as if she had discovered a new world and felt around his waist in excitement. “Haha! You’re so ticklish! Cutie, steady on… I’ll be so mad at you if you drop me!”

He Jiayu could only try his best to keep the bike upright while he endured Su Xiaomo’s harassment. He couldn’t even begin to describe what a tough job that was. As soon as they arrived at her place, he jumped off the bike, as if Su Xiaomo was some savage beast he was trying to run away from.

Su Xiaomo was forever coming up with new ideas. She darted around, then winked at He Jiayu. “Cutie, do you want to stay here for the night? I want you to be mine~”

Although he knew perfectly well that she was kidding, He Jiayu couldn’t help but blush. He looked away and said awkwardly, “Stop teasing me.”

“I didn’t! I mean it!” Su Xiaomo took He Jiayu’s hand and dragged him inside.

He Jiayu’s heart raced. When he couldn’t take it anymore and was going to kiss her, Su Xiaomo jumped away suddenly, then asked in a wicked tone, “You’re kind of a neat freak, aren’t you?”


“Haha! Clean my place for me, then!” Su Xiaomo pointed around her home.

Scratch that. Her “pigsty.”

He Jiayu: … heh.