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Chapter 1091: My Precious Wife (17)

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She was welcomed by An Yibei’s cold gaze. Folding his arms, An Yibei fixed his eyes on Ai Bao.

The audio played in a loop and Miaomiao had sent her the most “exciting” part, which made Ai Bao blush. She looked at An Yibei sheepishly.

An Yibei kept his silence. However, the calmer he looked, the more frightened Ai Bao felt.

She stammered, “I – I can explain everything…”

An Yibei arched an eyebrow.

“They were recording this new drama and the actress for that role got sick. I was recruited as a last-minute thing… That’s all.” Ai Bao held her middle three fingers up together. “I swear! It was just another job!”

Rumble —

As if in retort to Ai Bao, thunder rumbled outside before rain poured down.

Ai Bao felt like crying. Why did it feel like she was getting some heavenly retribution for lying…

An Yibei asked, “Just another job?”


A cold smile emerged on his face. An Yibei adjusted his glasses, the black pupils behind them so dark that one couldn’t read the expression in his eyes.

He paused the audio, then strode to his office, looked over his shoulder, and ordered in a low voice, “Get in here.”

Ai Bao obeyed immediately and scuttled into his office.

An Yibei locked the door as soon as she walked in. Under Ai Bao’s surprised gaze, he pressed her to the door and kissed her hard on the mouth…

Their lips touched and An Yibei pressed harder against her. Instead of being affectionate, the kiss was more like a punishment of some sort.

Ai Bao whimpered a little, then stopped struggling. Before she knew it, she had put her hands on An Yibei’s waist.

Sensing this, An Yibei deepened that kiss. Ai Bao now felt like a small boat in the ocean that was being carried away by the tidal waves…

It seemed forever when An Yibei finally let go of her.

Ai Bao opened her eyes and blinked. Her mind had gone blank and she only murmured his name a moment later. “Mr. An…”

“Say my name.”

“An… Yibei?”

Ai Bao tilted her head, her lips swollen and her eyes glistening. There was something seductive about her innocent look.

An Yibei couldn’t control himself anymore. He bent down and kissed her again…

A couple of minutes later.

“Stop… stop it…” Ai Bao pleaded. An Yibei let go of her, his thin lips glossy wet.

He said indifferently, “We’re on the clock.”

Ai Bao wailed, “I thought you’d forgotten that…” How could he do this to her when he knew they were still at work?!

“Therefore, you must do as told.” An Yibei smiled cunningly. “If you want to keep your salary and year-end bonus.”

“An Yibei! You… you threaten me with that every time! Don’t you feel ashamed?!”

An Yibei replied casually, stressing each word, “Not. At. All!”

Ai Bao’s eyes were wide open, shocked by how brazen An Yibei was.

“Because it works every time.” He was telling the truth. Ai Bao was counting on that money.

Pursing her lips, Ai Bao changed the subject. “It’s raining.”

It was pouring outside.

An Yibei frowned and called HR. “Tell the others that they can go home two hours earlier today because of the bad weather.”

“Wow… I didn’t know you could be so kind…” Ai Bao was amazed. However, An Yibei heard her murmur and turned around with a grin. “Let’s talk about your job, then. Now, perform a little right here. I’d love to see how you make those gasps!”