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Chapter 1090: My Precious Wife (16)

There was an incoming message. Clicking it open, he saw Ai Bao apologize to him.

“I’m sorry, boss… I didn’t mean to waste your time.”

Jin Mo smiled wryly. “Don’t be. You did a great job. We can send the recording out for editing now.”

Ai Bao said, “Alright.”

She didn’t say anything after that.

Jin Mo then recalled that guy she showed up with at Comicon and a thought struck him. “Baobao, do you have a boyfriend now?”

Ai Bao bit her lip. Her online name was Plutus Baobao and her friends called her “Baobao” for short. However, when Ink Painting on Porcelain addressed her that way, it somehow felt… too intimate.

She replied, “Yes, he’s an extraordinary man. I… I like him a lot.”

Jin Mo said good-naturedly, “You’re an extraordinary woman as well. You deserve the best.”

“Thank you.”

Silence again.

After a while, Ai Bao’s icon went gray.

Jin Mo typed a long paragraph in the chat box.

“It was love at first sight for me five years ago. You had a great voice and were humming an English song in a cafe. You were off-key, but I thought you sang beautifully. I spotted your Weibo ID on your tablet that day before I left and I followed you on Weibo afterward. Because of you, I became a singer. I started by covering other people’s songs and gradually made a name for myself in the online voice-acting community. I read all your Weibo posts and I tried my best to participate in all the radio dramas you organized. However, as I tried to move closer to you, you walked further and further away from me. Baobao, if you have met the true love of your life, I congratulate you wholeheartedly, as a coward that has been secretly in love with you for five years.”

His fingers lingered over the keyboard, but he didn’t hit enter in the end.

Covering his eyes with his hand, Jin Mo tried to hide the lonely look in them.

You coward. You’ve lost her forever.


Ai Bao stole a glance at the door. Good, An Yibei hadn’t come in.

Patting her chest in relief, she snuck out of the room to find An Yibei sitting on the carpet, his arms wrapped around Pudding as he watched the Discovery Channel with his glasses off.

“Go wash your hands. Dinner’s ready,” he darted her a glance and said casually.

“Yes!” Ai Bao did as told right away. During dinner, she couldn’t help but ask, “You didn’t hear anything just then, did you?”

“What was I supposed to hear?” An Yibei frowned.

“Nothing. I was recording and I didn’t want to bother you with all the noise.”

An Yibei gave her another look without saying anything.

The following day, in the law firm.

Ai Bao had a very busy day. She was bringing some files to the finance department when An Yibei finished his work and came out of his office. Seeing that she wasn’t around, he frowned a little.

Disappointed, he was going to go back to his office when he heard the beeping sound from Ai Bao’s computer.

He glanced at her screen and saw that the messages were all from the same person, who was also trying to send Ai Bao a file.

An Yibei clicked “accept” for her. He wasn’t going to pry into her privacy, but some words he picked up made him feel compelled to check.

“Oh god, your and Boss Porcelain’s gasps were wonderful! Here’s a clip of the climax. The fans will go crazy over it!”

Face grim, An Yibei played the audio file the person sent.

Instantly, the room was filled with gasps in a deep, mesmerizing male voice and in a sweet female one. Mixed together, the voices could make anyone’s imagination run wild.

Ai Bao, who returned in a hurry at that moment, was baffled by the sounds and stood dazed on the spot.