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Chapter 1085: My Precious Wife (11)

Ai Bao nodded dumbly. “Yes.”

“How old is he?” He gritted his teeth harder.

Ai Bao counted on her fingers. “I think… he’s about six.”

Putting a palm over his forehead, An Yibei took a few deep breaths. He didn’t know how to react to this piece of news.

Ai Bao was 25 now and the kid was six years old, which meant that she gave birth to him at 19 and got pregnant at 18. She would be just out of high school or in her first year in college…

“Who did this to you? And he didn’t take responsibility for it?” An Yibei narrowed his eyes. All he could think of now was to settle this account for Ai Bao!

Ai Bao had no idea that An Yibei had been misled. She asked, “What responsibility? And why?”

She looked so innocent that An Yibei said in resignation, “Whatever. I’ll take care of you both!”

He had just been made a dad; so be it!

Ai Bao was elated. “Wow, Mr. An, you’re so kind! I’m sure Pudding will love you!”

Pudding? Well, that was a sweet name.

Ai Bao ran downstairs and returned in a minute.

An Yibei rubbed his forehead, ready to meet his “new son.”

“Arf —” A cute Samoyed barked at him.

“So, her son has a pet?” An Yibei thought. Just then, Ai Bao said cheerfully, “Mr. An, this is my son, Pudding! Isn’t he adorable?”

An Yibei: …!!!

Pudding was a dog?!

He had been thinking too much this whole time, then?!

“Mr. An, why are you so quiet?”

Obviously An Yibei wasn’t going to tell her that he had misunderstood. He said casually, “Yes, he’s pretty cute.”

Pudding stuck out its tongue at him, looking very friendly.

That afternoon, the couple and the dog left for Ye City.

Once they arrived at the apartment, An Yibei began to take the luggage in — his and Ai Bao’s.

Ai Bao was confused. “Aren’t I living in the other apartment?”

An Yibei had bought two duplex departments in the building. Both had been renovated and were ready to be lived in.

“I lost the key to that apartment,” replied An Yibei casually. “I guess we have no choice but to live together.”

Apparently, Ai Bao’s brain was turning much faster today. “Why don’t we get a locksmith to open it?”


An Yibei arched an eyebrow, pressed her to the wall, and asked in a low voice, “You don’t want to live with me?”

Ai Bao’s cheeks turned pink right away!

“I… I’m not…” She was just shy! And, it also frightened her a little…

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” An Yibei deliberately misinterpreted her. “Alright, go pick your room. Which do you prefer? The guest bedroom… or the master bedroom?”

Needless to say, the master bedroom was his bedroom.

Ai Bao lowered her head, and from this angle, he could only see her red ears. “Mr. An, please don’t…”

An Yibei rubbed her head. “That was a very simple multiple choice question.”

“Can I choose? Really?”

“Of course… not.” An Yibei smiled cunningly. “We’re sharing a bedroom and that’s settled.”

Ai Bao felt like crying. “Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon?”

“Is it?” An Yibei rubbed his chin. “Billions of people live in this world. Do you know how improbable it is that we should run into each other?”

Of course Ai Bao knew that; it was just that she couldn’t get used to how quickly things were moving.

“Arf!” Pudding, who had been ignored this whole time, barked and began to run around them. The look on An Yibei’s face softened a little and he decided not to press too hard. “Take the guest bedroom, if that’s what you want. But… I’m looking forward to the day when you move into the master bedroom with me.”