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Chapter 1084: My Precious Wife (10)

Wu Hanxiao said in exasperation, “That’s outrageous! How can you do this to me…”

Seeing how hysterical he was, Ai Bao felt exhausted.

“Don’t come to me again. You’re nothing to me now.”

Wu Hanxiao’s eyes were bloodshot red. “Why won’t you help me? I’ve fallen on evil days and you just left me for another man! Ai Bao, I finally know what kind of woman you are!”

A short distance away, Xiaomi, who came to the office today to grab her final paycheck, took out her phone and began to record the three of them…

Ai Bao was vexed as well. “Hey! We broke up a long time before that! Why should I care if you’re popular or not?!”

“Heh, I don’t buy it! I know what you did! You found yourself this new boyfriend just to get back at me! And you’ve hooked up with that Ink Painting on Porcelain to say bad things about me on Weibo! Women can be so vicious!”

Wu Hanxiao’s tongue wagged freely as he began to slander Ai Bao over anything he could think of.

Ai Bao sighed in resignation and didn’t know what to say.

A police car siren rang out at that moment. An Yibei casually gestured with his phone and said, “Mr. Wu, let’s settle this at the police station, then.”

Wu Hanxiao bellowed, “You’re going down for this! You hit me!”

The look in An Yibei’s eyes was as cold as ice. “The surveillance video will prove that I only did it out of self-defense. I’ve recorded our entire conversation and I’m going to sue you for defamation against my girlfriend. I’ll see you in court!”

Wu Hanxiao was baffled. Only then did he recall that Ai Bao’s boyfriend was the chief lawyer of Thousand Island Law Firm…

No matter how glib-tongued Wu Hanxiao was, he stood no chance against An Yibei in the courtroom.

He had lost his reputation in showbiz. If he was dragged into a lawsuit like this, he would be doomed for good!

Seeing that the police car was already driving into the parking lot, Wu Hanxiao gritted his teeth and bolted toward his own car, still holding his belly. He then hit the gas pedal and fled.

An Yibei snorted. “What an idiot. Running away will only make him doubly guilty and the police will be going after him. Ai Bao, your taste was awful back then.”

Ai Bao said in frustration, “Mr. An, I think you’ve made your point clear enough…”

The police arrived at that moment, and An Yibei briefly told them what happened. The officers set off in pursuit of Wu Hanxiao’s car right away.

An Yibei then led Ai Bao into the building. In a corner unnoticed by anyone, Xiaomi put away her phone with a vicious smile on her face.

After An Yibei and Ai Bao finished handing over their work, they went to have some lunch and were ready to set off for Ye City.

Before they left, Ai Bao received a phone call from her dad. “Baobao, now that you’ve finally settled down, your mum and I can finally set our minds at rest. We’re going on a trip with a travel group and we’ll leave Pudding with you! Take very good care of my grandson, or you’ll be in big trouble when I get back! I’ve had Pudding delivered to your firm. Your signature will be required!”

After the phone call, Ai Bao stole a glance at An Yibei with a hesitant look on her face.

An Yibei frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“I need to tell you something…” Ai Bao jabbed the tips of her index fingers together. “Promise me you won’t be mad at me…”

An Yibei narrowed his eyes and looked at her quizzically.

“There’s a delivery for me downstairs…” Ai Bao bit her lip. “My son is here.”

An Yibei lost his composure in a few seconds. He gritted his teeth. “You have a son?”