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Chapter 1083: My Precious Wife (9)

That night, Ai Bao’s parents made a final decision on Ai Bao’s move to Ye City.

Both were people of action, and Ai Bao’s bags were packed in no time.

Ai Bao watched as her parents ran around the house, and had a hard time describing her feelings.

An Yibei came to the Ai family home the following day to pick her up.

Father Ai put two big suitcases in the trunk of An Yibei’s car with a broad smile on his face. “Please look after our Baobao!”

“Uncle, Auntie, you have my word. Ai Bao is in good hands,” An Yibei said politely, completely unlike his usual relentless self.

Ai Bao still tried to put up one last fight. “Dad, Mum, I’m only his girlfriend… Do you think it’s a good idea for me to follow him to another city just like this?”

Plus… one thing would lead to another…

“Why, didn’t Mr. An say that he had two apartments and you would take one each? Plus, Yibei is ready to take your relationship all the way to marriage. What about you? Are you going to remain his girlfriend forever? Baobao, do you have a commitment issue or something?” Mother Ai scolded Ai Bao.

Ai Bao didn’t know what to say.

Mother Ai: K.O.

An Yibei smiled a little and took her hand. “Let’s go.”

Darting one last look at her parents, Ai Bao got into his car, accepting her fate.

Soothing music was playing in the car, and Ai Bao sighed. “Mr. An, how did you do it? My parents didn’t even put up a fight.”

She had been worried that her parents would give him a hard time at first. As it turned out, he simply walked into the house and her parents just gave in.

An Yibei smiled. “I think rather than racking your brain over that question, you might as well figure out where you want to go after we move to Ye City.”

Ai Bao’s eyes lit up. “Wow, are we going traveling?”

Ye City was a famous travel destination with much to see and even more to eat.

An Yibei nodded. “I’ll take a couple of days off and drive you around.”

Ai Bao was thrilled. She then took out her phone and searched for possible places to visit.

An Yibei couldn’t help but smile at her.

The parking lot.

An Yibei parked his car and led Ai Bao out when someone jumped at them.

Narrowing his eyes, An Yibei quickly pulled Ai Bao behind him, then kicked the figure.

With a thump, the man fell to the ground and wailed.

“Wu Hanxiao? Why are you here?” Ai Bao was shocked.

Holding his belly, Wu Hanxiao rolled on the ground in pain. “Baobao… how can you be this heartless?”

Ai Bao could be indecisive at times. At those words, she looked hesitant.

“I… I…” she stammered, not knowing what to say.

“Baobao, have you forgotten what we had? Think about all those songs I used to sing for you…” Wu Hanxiao took the opportunity to try and stir up her old feelings.

Ai Bao obviously wavered and let go of An Yibei’s hand involuntarily.

An Yibei wouldn’t give her the chance. Gripping her hand firmly, he said coldly, “Wu Hanxiao, are you done acting?”

Wu Hanxiao looked embarrassed.

“I only have one question for you: Do you know Ai Bao is my girlfriend now?”

Wu Hanxiao said angrily, “You took Baobao from me…!”

“Shut up!” An Yibei adjusted his glasses, his face emotionless. “Your relationship with Ai Bao was long over before we were together. Is that not true?”

Wu Hanxiao put up one last fight. “But we can start over!”

An Yibei smirked. “Get. Lost! Harass my girlfriend again and there will be consequences!”