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Chapter 1082: My Precious Wife (8)

He hung up after that and Ai Bao was shocked. “What did you say to my dad?”

An Yibei smiled. “I’m visiting my future father-in-law tonight.”

Ai Bao: …!!

“But I’m not ready yet! That’s too soon… Gosh, what am I supposed to do…” Ai Bao was so nervous that she didn’t know where to put her hands. An Yibei adjusted his glasses and said in resignation, “Aren’t I supposed to be the nervous one? I’m the one meeting my future in-laws, not you.”

Ai Bao only realized what was happening after that and smiled awkwardly, “You’re right…”

An Yibei sighed. “I suddenly have this feeling that it won’t be such a bad idea to make you some other guy’s problem.”

Ai Bao waved her fists at him. “No, you won’t! I’m no one’s problem but yours!”

She blurted that out without thinking and her cheeks turned scarlet right away!


What on earth had she said? Would Mr. An find her too bold?

A smile emerged on An Yibei’s usually emotionless face. The look in his eyes was so gentle that it reminded her of pools of water.

“No problem.” He sounded delighted. “You’ll be my problem for the rest of my life.”

Ai Bao buried her face in her hands.

The Ai family home.

Ai Bao’s parents waited restlessly for their daughter to come back.

Ai Bao had been a good girl since she was little and they had never needed to worry about anything. The only exception was that Ai Bao had never had a boyfriend so far.

That almost worried them sick and they couldn’t spend a day without pondering their daughter’s love life.

“She wouldn’t rent a boyfriend like in the news, would she?” Her mother was suspicious.

Father Ai glared at her. “What are you thinking? Our daughter is an amazing girl! She would never need to do that!”

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Father Ai bolted upright on the sofa. He said nervously, “Honey, what do you think of my outfit? Is my hair tidy enough…”

Mother Ai rolled her eyes. “He’s your daughter’s boyfriend, not yours! Stop fidgeting over your appearance and go answer the door!”

Father Ai coughed in embarrassment and went to open the door in a hurry.

“Baobao, you’re finally back!” Father Ai smiled. He was dazed when he saw An Yibei next to Ai Bao.

“What are you doing just standing there?!” Mother Ai snapped and went over to them, but her reaction was exactly the same as Father Ai’s.

Outside, An Yibei wore a dark suit and a tie with grey stripes. He looked extraordinary.

“Nice to meet you, Uncle, Auntie. I’m An Yibei, you can just call me Yibei. Here’s a little something for you. It was on such short notice, I hope you’ll like it.” An Yibei smiled and handed them the tea and tonics he had brought. Everything was handled perfectly.

“Dad, Mum!” Ai Bao’s parents only came back to themselves after she called them again, and they warmly welcomed An Yibei into their home.

“Yibei, do sit down!” Mother Ai greeted him. She then served him some tea and struck up a conversation.

Roughly half an hour later, they had learned of An Yibei’s family, education, and profession. An Yibei then mentioned in passing that he was moving to Ye City in a few days and wouldn’t be around to look after Ai Bao for a while. Father Ai smacked his thigh and said, “That won’t be a problem! Baobao can go with you!”

Mother Ai chimed in, “That’s right. I’m sure Baobao will be much better off staying with you!”

Ai Bao was dumbfounded. Dad, Mum, are you sure you didn’t pick me up from some roadside dumpster?