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Chapter 1080: My Precious Wife (6)

“He who stays near ink becomes stained black,” said An Yibei in a serious tone. “Stay with me long enough and your IQ will naturally improve.”

He was implying that she should go to Ye City with him.

Ai Bao pondered it for a moment before asking sheepishly, “Mr. An, aren’t you afraid that you’ll get dumb from hanging out with me?”

An Yibei was speechless. He now knew what it meant to lift a rock, only to drop it on his own toes…

“Forget it. Go back to your work.” An Yibei rubbed his forehead, feeling exhausted inside out.

After finishing her work, Ai Bao saw that she was still half an hour from clocking out. With nothing better to do, she began to goof around. She logged into her QQ and was going to check her social media account when a bunch of QQ messages popped up on the screen.

Most of them were from Wu Hanxiao.

“Baobao, I love you. I sang a song for you. Do you like it?

“Baobao, let’s start over, shall we? You always were and always will be my precious girl.

“Baobao, there’s no point in living if I can’t spend my life with you!”


Baffled, Ai Bao clicked the “ignore all” button.

The other messages were from her friends in the online voice-acting community. She clicked the one from her closest friend in that circle and saw that it was a rather long paragraph.

“Holy crap! Baobao, that Wu Hanxiao is a f**king imbecile! He made himself such an important guy after getting that contract with the agency back then and blocked a lot of his friends from the old days, not to mention the posts he put up on Weibo of him showing off! Well, he must have pissed off the wrong people. All the dirt on him was dug up and he got shelved by his agency. The guy’s shameless! To regain his popularity, he made his way back to the online voice-acting community and tried to get a role in this new play. But everyone knows what kind of person he really is now and no one wants to have anything to do with him. Watch out and don’t let him get to you!”

Ai Bao replied awkwardly, “He’s already kind of doing that…”

“Holy shit!” her friend replied immediately. “Block him! Now! You’re a well-known organizer in the community. Helping him will only ruin your reputation!”

Ai Bao replied with a shrug emoji.

She then changed her status to “Panicky… Just wanna bask lazily under the sun on a beach. Why is it so hard?”

Someone sent her a message immediately. “Do you need recommendations on that beach you long for?”

Ai Bao checked the ID and her mind was blown away!

It was from [Ink Painting on Porcelain].


It was the man himself!

Ai Bao was exhilarated and replied right away, “Thank you, Boss! Hello, Boss! I feel like kneeling down, Boss!”

Ink Painting on Porcelain replied, “Do take it easy.”

Before Ai Bao could figure out how to reply, Porcelain asked, “Is something bothering you?”


“Relationship or career?”

“Relationship, I guess…”

“Someone bothering you again?”

Ai Bao found Ink Painting on Porcelain amazing. “Boss, how did you know that?”

Ink Painting on Porcelain replied with a smiley face. “Just a wild guess. I can help you with that.”

Ai Bao was bewildered by his reply. Minutes later, Ink Painting on Porcelain sent her a link to a Weibo post. Ai Bao clicked it open and saw that Ink Painting on Porcelain had forwarded a post which had all the dirt on Wu Hanxiao’s past. Porcelain also left a comment under the forwarded post, saying, “There are witnesses everywhere. He cared for no one but himself when he was popular, but nagged everyone for help when he was down and out. All I want to say is: get lost, you idiot.”

Over a thousand comments were left under that post in a matter of minutes.

“Aww! Boss, you’re finally back!”

“You have such a beautiful voice that I agree with everything you say!”

“That Wu Hanxiao is so disgusting!”