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Chapter 1073: Side Story: Blacky and Flower (3)

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Blacky Sheng frowned, but still took the case and said politely, “Thank you.”

Holding her face in her hands, Qiuqiu asked shyly, “Well… can I go visit you this weekend?”

Flower Qi listened in astonishment.

Blacky Sheng said, “I have traditional Chinese culture class this weekend.”

Qiuqiu looked disappointed. “Alright.”

Flower Qi jumped at the opportunity. “You can come to my place! I live next door to Blacky!”

Qiuqiu darted a look at Flower Qi, looking conflicted, and shook her head in the end.

That was a rather hard blow to Flower Qi.

After Qiuqiu left, Flower Qi rolled on the floor in frustration. “Aww! Kill me now!”

Blacky Sheng found him impossible. “What now?”

“Qiuqiu never gives me cookies! She never wants to visit me!” Flower Qi said with teary eyes. “She… she must like you!”

The corner of Blacky Sheng’s mouth twitched and he handed Qi Yanxi the box of cookies. “Take it.”

Flower Qi pursed his lips, took the box, and finished all the cookies in one go.

He cried as he ate and the cookies became all mushy with his tears in the end. Blacky Sheng tried to stop him from eating those, but he ate them anyway.

Blacky Sheng sighed and used his sleeves to dry Flower Qi’s tears. “Don’t cry, ok?”

“I’m crying! She dumped me! Sob… my Qiuqiu…” Flower Qi looked like he was going to cry his eyes out. He then tried to wipe his nose on Blacky Sheng’s sleeve, which disgusted Blacky Sheng.

“Go away.” Blacky Sheng the neat freak pushed Flower Qi the crying baby away.

Flower Qi howled even louder.

Meng Mianmian went to pick Sheng Yize up after school, and the Qi family sent a nanny as well. However, Qi Yanxi rushed to Meng Mianmian’s car.

“Auntie Mianmian, baby Xixi is heartbroken! Baby Xixi wants a hug!” Qi Yanxi buttered up to Meng Mianmian, holding his chubby arms out.

Meng Mianmian cleaned his nose with her handkerchief, smiling. “There, don’t cry. You’ll meet someone better one day.”

“Better than Qiuqiu?”


Qi Yanxi jabbed the tips of his index fingers together shyly. “Will she be prettier than you, Auntie Mianmian?”

Meng Mianmian chuckled after the initial surprise. “Of course.”

“Auntie Mianmian, can you kiss me? I’m so hurt,” Qi Yanxi asked in a pitiful voice.

Before Meng Mianmian had a chance to reply, Sheng Yize couldn’t take it anymore and kicked Qi Yanxi. “Get lost!”

Flower Qi obeyed right away.

Episode 3

That night, Flower Qi forgot all about what had happened earlier that day and was over the moon again.

Because his dad had bought him a puppy, an adorable Husky, and it ran around with him as soon as it arrived, rolling around and cosying up to him for attention. Flower Qi played with the puppy for a while, then went to show it off to Sheng Yize.

“Blacky! What do you think of my puppy?” Raising his chin proudly, Flower Qi had “praise me” written all over his face.

Blacky Sheng darted him a look, then smiled. “You two look alike.”

Flower Qi was elated. “Of course we do! My puppy is as handsome and lovely as me! Teehee!”

Blacky Sheng only smiled.

The next day, Flower Qi showed a photo of the puppy to Qiuqiu, asking, “Qiuqiu, do you want to come over this weekend and play with my puppy?”

Qiuqiu couldn’t stop giggling. “Your puppy looks so dumb! It looks exactly like you, hahaha!”

Flower Qi was speechless.

Wait. When Blacky Sheng told him that he and the puppy looked alike, did he mean that they were equally dumb, not equally handsome?!