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Chapter 1071: Side Story: Blacky and Flower (1)

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Episode 1

“Ultraman Tiga, here we go! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

A little boy’s voice rang out in the villa.

“Kill that monster! Come on! Hey, Tiga, your light’s on! Use your final trick!” Qi Yanxi, who was four years old then, hopped around on the sofa and looked like he was going to climb into the screen to help Ultraman fight that monster.

A three-year-old Sheng Yize said grumpily, “Hey, be quiet!”

Qi Yanxi made a face at him. “No, I won’t!”

He went on jumping around on the sofa, which sank and bounced under his weight, almost making Sheng Yize sick.

Sheng Yize climbed down from the sofa and calmly walked toward the TV, then reached out with his little hand…

Completely absorbed in the cartoon, Qi Yanxi didn’t see what Sheng Yize was doing…

Just before the climax when the monster was about to be defeated, the screen went black.

“Aaah —” Qi Yanxi cried, banging on the sofa. “My Ultraman!”

Over on the other side, Sheng Yize drew back his hand unhurriedly, as if he hadn’t been the one to unplug the TV just then.

With his hands behind his back, Sheng Yize went up to Qi Yanxi and put all the blame on the latter. “It’s all your fault! The TV broke down because you’re so loud!”

Nibbling on his fingers, Qi Yanxi almost broke into tears. “I…”

“Hmph!” Sheng Yize raised his chin. “Say sorry! Or you can’t play with my toy gun again!”

Qi Yanxi fawned over him right away. “I’m sorry! You’re right! It’s all my fault! Here, take my lollipops!”

He unwrapped one and stuffed it into Sheng Yize’s mouth.

Sucking on the lollipop, Sheng Yize smiled in satisfaction.

Maybe that started Qi Yanxi’s long history of repeatedly running into Sheng Yize’s traps… and afterward, Qi Yanxi even had to clean up his own mess.

Episode 2

Sheng Yize was in a great mood.

His parents hadn’t fought today and his dad even bought his mum a new dress.

Looking at his mother smiling down at him in that beautiful long dress, Sheng Yize thought that she looked like an angel.

Such a small thing would fill him with happiness at that age.

“Sheng Yize! Let’s go climb trees! Quickly!” said Qi Yanxi, rushing into the Sheng family home. Aloof and haughty since little, Sheng Yize nodded in a disinterested manner.

However, Qi Yanxi was fascinated by Sheng Yize’s mum.

“Aunt Mianmian, you’re so pretty.” Qi Yanxi giggled dumbly.

Meng Mianmian chuckled. “Am I?”

“Yes!” Qi Yanxi nodded repeatedly and reached out with his chubby arms. “Auntie, give Xixi a hug!”

Sheng Yize’s face turned grim. That stupid brat! And did he just call himself “Xixi”? Gross!

Meng Mianmian had always been good-natured. She smiled and picked Qi Yanxi up.

Qi Yanxi waved his arms around excitedly and his cheeks turned pink. He then jabbed the tips of his index fingers together and asked shyly, “Auntie, can I kiss you?”

Tilting her head, Meng Mianmian blinked. “Well, Auntie will have to think about that.”

Someone then tugged at her dress. Meng Mianmian looked down to find Sheng Yize protesting in an indifferent tone, “Only Dad can kiss Mum. Qi Yanxi, you can’t do that. Get down now!”

Qi Yanxi looked crestfallen and Meng Mianmian laughed heartily at that little look on his face. She then pointed at her cheek. “Alright, you can kiss me.”

Chu —

Qi Yanxi kissed her right away.

Staring at them in disbelief, Sheng Yize gritted his teeth.