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Chapter 1067: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (22)

After that declaration, He Jiayu took Su Xiaomo by her wrists, then pressed her to the wall behind them!

He kissed her again.

A police officer came out to see what all the noise was about and was shocked. Pointing at He Jiayu, he cried out, “Hey! You brat! How dare you do this outside a police station! Let go of her now or I’ll cuff you!”

He Jiayu looked up and said calmly, “Sir, this is a family affair.”

Family affair?

“We’re already living together and our families have given their consent. Are you going to break up a perfectly happy couple?” He Jiayu asked earnestly, which somewhat embarrassed the police officer, who rubbed his nose awkwardly. “You two should behave yourselves in public in broad daylight… I mean, moonlight.”

He Jiayu smiled. “Of course.” He then took Su Xiaomo’s hand and said gently, “Come, we’ll get back to it after we get home.”

Su Xiaomo had been in a bewildered state the whole time, and only came back to her senses then. She said in exasperation, “I’m not going home with you! No way!”

“There, there. I’ll let you have your way tonight.” The officer was abashed at He Jiayu’s suggestive words. “Enough of that. You two, go home now.”

“Sir, he’s harassing me! I never said yes!” Su Xiaomo stomped her foot.

The officer looked at her and He Jiayu in turn, then sighed. “Fine, I know you two are lovebirds now. Having a fight, are we?”

“We’re not lovebirds! He has nothing to do with me!” Su Xiaomo cried out.

The officer gave her an “I know, I know” look. “Young lady, you really shouldn’t say that when your hands are there…”


Su Xiaomo looked down to find her hands gripping He Jiayu’s waist so tightly that she was crumpling his shirt…

Of course the officer wouldn’t believe what she said when she was holding him that tight…

She felt like crying and wanted to explain herself. However, He Jiayu was quicker. Throwing her over his shoulder, he smiled blandly. “Goodbye, Sir.”

Su Xiaomo flailed all her limbs on his shoulder. “Cutie He! He Jiayu! You bastard! Put me down!”

He Jiayu said, “Be a good girl and stay still.”

Su Xiaomo blushed. “I’m not listening to you!”

“Really? Who else are you going to listen to, then? Are you going to just ignore your husband?”


Damn… Had something gotten into Cutie He? Why was he being so brazen all of a sudden?

“What? I’m not your husband now? Who is it, then?”

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow and looked undisturbed.

“You… you’re shameless!” Vexed, Su Xiaomo bit him on his shoulder.

He Jiayu didn’t even flinch and only chuckled. “What good will being bashful do me?”

“…” Fine! FINE! Su Xiaomo gave up on all hope.

He Jiayu gave her a breezy smile. He realized a while ago that acting like a shameless person worked wonders to subdue Su Xiaomo…

Since it worked, why wouldn’t he keep doing it? He hadn’t been born a saint, and it was only normal that he wanted to do certain things with the girl he loved.

Su Xiaomo didn’t enjoy the bumpy ride and protested, “Aren’t I too heavy for you to carry around? Put me down!”

He Jiayu pondered for a few seconds, then said in a serious tone, “It’s indeed quite heavy.”

Pffft —

Su Xiaomo almost choked.

Did he just call her fat?!

“I’m a fairy and I’m not fat at all! You’re such a weakling!” Su Xiaomo roared, wrapping her fingers around his neck. He Jiayu chuckled and said casually, “My own world is on my shoulder now. Of course it’s heavy.”