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Chapter 1064: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (19)

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Su Xiaomo realized when she got back home that she couldn’t get used to this place anymore.

Everywhere she turned, she found it inferior to He Jiayu’s place.

Gosh… What was wrong with her? Su Xiaomo shook her head, then called the housekeeping service, who then sent someone to give her place a thorough clean.

She went back to her room and began to draw on her wacom. She was so absorbed in her work that when she realized how hungry she was, it was after eight o’clock in the evening.

“He Jiayu, what are we having for dinner tonight…” she called out involuntarily.

No one responded to her in the silent room.

Only then did it occur to Su Xiaomo that she was back in her own place.

He Jiayu… wasn’t around anymore.

She heaved a sigh and ordered some takeout. The delivery guy arrived shortly afterward.

“Miss, here’s your takeout.” The guy handed her two boxes, then said in bewilderment, “There’s a really weird guy on the stairs. He was just sitting there and not making a sound. Miss, you better be careful. Don’t go out at night!”

Su Xiaomo nodded. “Thank you. I’ll be careful.”

After going back in with her dinner, the more she thought about it, the more scared she became. She locked all her windows and doors in a hurry.

She was tempted several times to call He Jiayu, but she threw her phone back down right after she picked it up.

Shit! Su Xiaomo, pull yourself together! You’re a tough girl, for Christ’s sake!

After encouraging herself for a long time, Su Xiaomo tossed her barely-touched dinner into the bin, then went to bed after a quick wash-up.

She was woken up by a familiar buzzing sound in the middle of the night.

Su Xiaomo broke into a cold sweat and sat up, wrapping her blanket around herself.

The sound was coming from the window…

Was the burglar from last time back?

Aah! Su Xiaomo panicked and called the police. She then fetched a kitchen knife and held it in her trembling hand.

To ease her nerves, she took a picture and posted it on her social media account.

“There’s someone outside my window… so scary…”

Many left comments.

“Hahaha! Brother Mo, what’s scary about that? Chop him into pieces!”

“Stop it already. You? Scared?”

“Why panic? The bad guy should be the panicked one when he sees you~”


She knew perfectly well that most of them were only joking, but she still couldn’t help but feel sad at that moment.

She had been wearing thick armor all this time because she was afraid of getting hurt.

With enough time, people failed to notice her weaknesses and only believed what they thought they saw. They took her disguise for what she really was and laughed at her fear.

Before she knew it, tears were falling.

Her phone suddenly began to ring, which took Su Xiaomo by surprise. She looked at the screen.

It was from Cutie He.

Picking it up dumbly, she heard He Jiayu’s anxious voice on the other end. “Momo, don’t be scared! It’s alright…”

Su Xiaomo said in resignation, “I’m not! I don’t get scared!”

He Jiayu was silent for a moment, then said slowly, “Open up.”

“Open up what? Are you playing with me?”

“I’m outside.” His calm, tender voice reached into the deepest corners of Su Xiaomo’s heart through the phone.

Su Xiaomo went up to the door in a daze and saw He Jiayu through the peephole.

Upon entering, He Jiayu’s first reaction was to rub her head. “Now, hide somewhere safe.”

Su Xiaomo bit her lip and asked helplessly, “Where?”

Looking at the knife in her hand, He Jiayu took it and said in resignation, “Hide behind me.”