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Chapter 1060: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (15)

She wasn’t in the habit of walking around with her wallet and had left the house this morning with just some change, leaving the rest behind.

“I’ll go back home with you and fetch it!” Su Xiaomo decided that she would go find a hotel as soon as she gathered her things.

He Jiayu only smiled and made no comment.

Once back at He Jiayu’s place, Su Xiaomo went to get her stuff together. She then smelled a rich aroma coming out of the kitchen…

Swallowing, she looked into the kitchen to find He Jiayu wearing an apron. He said casually, “The black chicken and chestnut broth I made this morning before school is ready… hm, that’s pretty nice. I’ll make some rice and vegetables to go with it. For dessert, I guess a strawberry double-layered milk custard will do. And that’s my dinner…”

Grrr —

Against her will, Su Xiaomo’s stomach began to growl.

She smiled obsequiously. “Can you finish all that by yourself?”

He Jiayu’s eyes flickered and his long eyelashes fluttered. “Of course not.”

“Let me give you a hand!” Su Xiaomo jumped at the opportunity. “You’re welcome! Just think of me as the Good Samaritan next door!”

Struggling to keep a straight face, He Jiayu gestured politely at the dining table. “Enjoy your dinner, Good Samaritan Su.”

Su Xiaomo ran happily to the table and feasted on the appetizing dishes, completely forgetting her original plan.

He Jiayu kept putting food on her plate, and refilled her soup bowl twice. Even with Su Xiaomo’s big appetite, she ate until her belly was plump, and she slumped onto the sofa, too full to move a finger.

She hummed lazily, looking satiated.

He Jiayu smiled a little, washed the dishes, then came back and put a plate of sliced fruit on the coffee table.

Su Xiaomo wanted to eat, but couldn’t bring herself to move. She eyed He Jiayu eagerly.

He Jiayu seemed to read her mind. He picked up a piece with a fork and fed it to Su Xiaomo.

“Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you!” Su Xiaomo was over the moon. Little did she realize that she had just been turned into a pet.

And a well-fed one, for that matter…

Su Xiaomo found it even harder to move after the fruit. Struggling to hide his smile, He Jiayu suggested, “How about I carry you back to your room?”

Su Xiaomo pursed her lips. “No!” That would be so humiliating! “I’ll be fine lying here and letting my digestive system do its work!”

“Alright.” He Jiayu nodded. “Wanna watch some TV?”

“Not really…” Su Xiaomo’s eyes darted around, and she asked, “Do you have photo albums here? I’d like to see your photos from when you were little!”

Even someone as cute as he was must have had ugly pictures! She would steal a few shots and use them to blackmail He Jiayu in the future! Hahaha!

He Jiayu, on the other hand, thought that this meant Su Xiaomo wanted to know more about him. Hence, he fetched his photo album right away.

Su Xiaomo turned the pages slowly and was rather conflicted.

He looked great in all of them!

He Jiayu had been photogenic since he was little. The boy in the pictures had fine features, pretty eyes, and a smile that looked as warm as the spring breeze.

Su Xiaomo’s attention was caught by a photo on the last page.

It was probably taken when He Jiayu was in middle school. He was already quite tall back then and wore a white shirt with a black tie. Next to him stood a teenage girl, who beamed at the camera.

A bitter taste spread in her mouth and Su Xiaomo snapped the album shut. She then cast a stern look at He Jiayu.

He Jiayu was bewildered. “What’s wrong?”

“Heh.” Su Xiaomo gave him a mirthless grin. “Such a pity. I wasn’t part of your history.”

He Jiayu turned his affectionate gaze on her and said sincerely, “But you’re part of my future.”