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Chapter 1057: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (12)

Su Xiaomo was unwilling to be outdone. “I’ll watch if you take your pants off. I’ve got nothing to lose.”

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow, wiped the smile off his face, and put down the bowl in his hands. “Do you say that to all the guys you know?”

“None of your business!” Su Xiaomo said stubbornly. “Hey, you haven’t answered me yet!”

He Jiayu dried his hands unhurriedly. “Answer you what?”

To tell her if he wanted to marry her, of course! She had been telling him this whole time both directly and indirectly. Why wouldn’t he get it?

To Su Xiaomo, that was the same as a love confession.

However, she was very disappointed by He Jiayu’s reaction.

He Jiayu approached her slowly, the sunlight pouring in from behind him. However, when he was in front of Su Xiaomo, his face seemed to be cast in shadow.

All of a sudden, He Jiayu grabbed her hand and led it to his waist.

Su Xiaomo jumped at the warm, well-toned muscles under her fingers.

“What are you doing?” she cried out in surprise.

He Jiayu remained poised. “I thought you wanted to see me take off my pants? How about you do it for me?”

Su Xiaomo blushed. She was only able to speak again after a long moment. “You pervert!”

She never wanted to see that! Sure, he was in great shape with abs, an Apollo’s belt and all, but she wasn’t so thirsty that she wanted to rip his pants off!

“Pervert?” He Jiayu chuckled. “Why do you think that?”

Su Xiaomo looked terrified. “Cutie He, are you out of your mind? You asked me to take off your pants for you! Do you have no shame at all?”

“What about you? Do you?” He Jiayu frowned. “Hm?”

It only occurred to Su Xiaomo then that he was mocking her…

Throwing off He Jiayu’s hand, she said grumpily, “Fine, I see you don’t want to marry me… Big deal…”

He Jiayu was baffled. “You…”

“I what?” Su Xiaomo stuck out her tongue at him. “Hmph! I don’t want to marry you now, even if you want to marry me!”

She then marched out of the kitchen, leaving a dumbfounded He Jiayu behind.

The two went to school together.

As always, He Jiayu was bombarded with love letters and gifts the whole time, but he turned all of them down politely and accepted nothing.

Su Xiaomo smirked. “Why don’t you tell those girls to restrain themselves? That’s just double standards!”

He Jiayu ground his teeth. “Su Xiaomo, stop talking to me!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes at him. Just then, a tall boy rushed over and stopped Su Xiaomo.

“Su Xiaomo, please take this…” He handed her a pink envelope.

Su Xiaomo was baffled and didn’t realize until a while later that she was getting a love letter!

Someone had actually written her a love letter!

“Ahem.” She feigned a haughty manner when she took the letter. “Thank you.”

The boy scratched his head shyly. “Please… please read it!”

“Of course!” Su Xiaomo darted a complacent look at He Jiayu, with “I got a love letter, too, so don’t get jealous” written all over her face.

The boy was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. “Do you know me? I like you a lot… Su Xiaomo, b- be my girlfriend! I’ll buy you breakfast every day, fill your water bottle, take you to nice restaurants, and I’ll top up your game accounts with my pocket money…”

Whoosh —

He Jiayu snatched the latter away from Su Xiaomo’s hand, his face livid.

“Take it back.”

The boy frowned. “Why?”

“Because she’s unavailable.” He Jiayu raised his chin.