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Chapter 1055: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (10)

Before Su Xiaomo could tell them that He Jiayu wasn’t her boyfriend, He Jiayu was already telling her, “Go get your things.”

“What? I…” Su Xiaomo didn’t know what to say, which made He Jiayu frown, thinking that she was too terrified to go back in. He then said, “Wait here. I’ll get them for you.”

Walking into Su Xiaomo’s bedroom, He Jiayu found a suitcase next to the closet, opened it, and began to put clothes in.

Her school uniform, skirts, T-shirts, jeans… and then…

Color flared in He Jiayu’s fair cheeks when he saw the drawer of girly bras. His fingers shook a little.

Quickly stuffing a few into the suitcase, He Jiayu opened another drawer and took a few underwear out shyly…

He left most of the toiletries behind, since he could always buy her anything she needed. He only picked some skincare items that he thought she would need the most, and the packing was done.

He Jiayu took the suitcase out just as Su Xiaomo finished giving a statement.

Their eyes met and somehow, both felt rather embarrassed.

Su Xiaomo blinked. “Well… shall I get you something to wear?”

The police officers had left and the two of them were alone. At that question, He Jiayu felt like burying his head in the ground.

“Ahem…” He cleared this throat uneasily, which made Su Xiaomo rather embarrassed as well. She found an old shirt and a pair of trousers of her father’s and stuffed them into He Jiayu’s hands.

He Jiayu turned around and quickly put them on, then said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”

“Isn’t it inappropriate for me to live at your place…” Su Xiaomo was conflicted.

He Jiayu might be shy in some respects, but he was hopelessly stubborn in others.

Taking Su Xiaomo’s hand, he led her into his car, locked the doors, and hit the gas pedal, doing everything in the smoothest motion.

They soon arrived at He Jiayu’s place.

He Jiayu shared the flat with Chi Yuanfeng, but he told Chi Yuanfeng about what happened before coming back, and the latter had immediately left.

Su Xiaomo was looking around in surprise at how neat the place was when He Jiayu said gently, “Don’t just stand there. Here, change your shoes.”

She came back to herself. Looking down, she saw that He Jiayu had put a pair of slippers at her feet. His tenderness reminded her of a virtuous wife.

So, Cutie He wasn’t just a pretty face. He was so great to live with!

The slippers were meant for guys and a little too big for Su Xiaomo. She scuffed around loudly like a kid wearing her parent’s shoes.

He Jiayu said apologetically, “Sorry, we’ve never had girls over before, so those are all I have for the moment…”

“Don’t worry about it, I adapt very quickly.” Su Xiaomo chuckled. “Your place is so clean. Do you have a cleaning lady?”

He Jiayu smiled a little shyly. “I do the cleaning myself.”

“Wow!” Su Xiaomo eyed him in admiration. “Cutie He, do you have time?”

“What do you need?”

“Can you stay at my place for a couple of days and clean my flat while you’re at it?”

He Jiayu blushed again.

Su Xiaomo was much shorter than him, so he was always looking at her from above.

The tip of her nose was red and her cheeks were dotted with freckles. She wasn’t perfect by any means, but to him, she was the best.

“Sure,” he replied.

Su Xiaomo patted him on the shoulder forcefully. “Work hard and do everything you think necessary! Make yourself at home!”

He Jiayu nodded. “Of course.”

Make yourself at home.

Anything you say.