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Chapter 1053: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (8)

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She scrambled out of bed and searched for something to protect herself with.

She found the foot spa basin in her haste.

Holding it in front of her like a ninja turtle with its shell on the stomach, she hid under the bed and dialed 110.

The police nearby were immediately dispatched and she was told to stay calm.

Su Xiaomo had always thought that nothing could scare her.

But… she was really scared now.

Although she was strong and had enough combat skills to fend off the average guy, she still couldn’t stop herself from making blind conjectures.

What if it was some notorious bandit? What if he was some contract killer? Or some guy that had been trained in martial arts?

The more she thought about it, the more violently she shook. She picked up her phone again.

Somehow, she dialed He Jiayu’s number.

It went through almost immediately.

“What’s wrong?” She could hear the sound of dripping water. He Jiayu was probably taking a shower.

Su Xiaomo was too panicked to realize that he had picked up her phone call immediately even when he was taking a shower. In incoherent sentences, she told him what was going on.

He Jiayu’s voice turned grim. “Hide and call the police. I’m on my way!”

Su Xiaomo asked with a long face, “Can I hide under my bed?”

“Is the flat next door occupied?”

Su Xiaomo bit her lip. “No…”

She was the only resident on this floor.

“I think I’ll go downstairs and get the security guards!”

“Don’t be so reckless!” He Jiayu stopped her right away.

If this really was premeditated, someone could be waiting outside her door as well…

If Su Xiaomo rashly ran out the door and there was no neighbor to come to her aid, he couldn’t imagine what could happen to her…

He Jiayu didn’t even change into his clothes. He grabbed his car keys and rushed out wrapped in a bathrobe.

The tapping sound gradually stopped. Shortly afterward, Su Xiaomo heard the sound of an electric drill.

It seemed… someone was cutting through the wire mesh of her window…

In the middle of the night, that noise was ten times scarier than the sound of scratching fingernails!

An idea dawned on Su Xiaomo and she switched on the TV.

The sound of some TV drama filled the room.

Su Xiaomo feigned a sleepy voice. “Honey, fetch me some water, please~ The TV series I’m watching has just come out with a new episode!”

The sound outside stopped abruptly.

Su Xiaomo then scuffed around loudly in the room, making it sound like there were two people inside.

After a few minutes, when she quieted down, the sound outside resumed!

Su Xiaomo clenched her fists, realizing that they might have seen through her little scheme.

After all, she had been the only one speaking the whole time, and that “honey” she talked to never made a sound.

Just when the window was going to be breached, there came a banging on the door!

Shit! They were coming at her from two directions?!

Su Xiaomo almost had a nervous breakdown until she heard the familiar voice outside. “Su Xiaomo, open up!”

It was He Jiayu!

That moment, Su Xiaomo thought she had just heard the most beautiful voice in the whole world!

Running to the door and looking through the peephole, she saw that it was indeed He Jiayu!

Yanking the door open, Su Xiaomo shouted and threw herself into He Jiayu’s arms.

“Cutie! Help!”

The only thing she wore was a slip dress nightgown, which was all disheveled now and barely covered anything.

He Jiayu blushed. Clearing his throat, he shielded her behind him and said, “Come with me.”

Meanwhile, a few police officers rushed up the stairs. One of them punched He Jiayu in the face as soon as they spotted him.

“You animal! How can you do such a thing to a minor?!”

“Shame on you! Cuff him and bring him in!”